The H4 life – Posts on life on the H4 visa

Below is a list of our posts on finding a job on H4 visa and enjoying your time while on H4.

Jobs and Career on the H4 visa

 5 Ways to boost your career while on the H4 Visa

5 Places to look for jobs while on the H4 visa

The interview I blew while on the H4 visa (what not to do!)

The first job interview in the United States

Getting the first job – three things I did right, and a big mistake

Volunteer jobs on H4

Volunteer jobs on the H4 visa

Five things to remember when volunteering on the H4 visa

Career Transplants


Dietician and Nutritionist


Enjoying the H4

5 Ideas to try while on the H4 visa for your routine

4 ways to enjoy your time while on H4

The Immigrant Diaries – A serialized story on H4 life

Five qualities of a true H4 er

Moms on H4 – perfect timing

Why the gloomy economy is a good time to be on H4

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