The internet is ruining my life – and yours too

The number of options for wasting time on my computer has reached a critical mass. E-mail, blogs, social networks, podcasts, E-books, three full seasons of Oprah on streaming video. I spend my time reading crappy status message updates from people I cant even recall.

I remember the days when I used to make phone calls to connect to friends and family. Those days are long gone, replaced by the internet. My personal evolution away from using the phone to connect others started with email, then yahoo chat-rooms, IM chatting, Skype, social networking sites like Facebook and Myspace, blogging, LinkedIn, and now Twitter.

I cant believe how stupid and lazy Ive become lately – Google has taken over and there’s no need to retain information anymore. Why bother when the answer is just a click away? The instant gratification makes things pointless to learn. I can’t recall my best friend’s number, who I speak to fairly frequently but I do remember my ex’s who I haven’t seen or spoken to in 10 years.

The internet is chalk a block with interesting stuff – porn, movies, music, software – but if you are sitting in front of a computer – for several hours a day, you have no time for other things. To be interesting, you actually have to DO things. Not just watch the Friends rerun for the 8th time or download the latest song to your smart phone.

Online dating sites are not just creepy, they are downright disgusting. If you cant hook up with a guy / girl at a bar / library or wherever it is that you fancy, what are the chances of hooking up online – when you are hiding behind a computer. Really makes me wonder who uses these sites.

I keep up with my not mommy girlfriends via facebook, twitter, or texting.  It is just so much easier to talk to them in text then try to make a phone call with Dennis playing cops and robbers in the background!  Not to forget the booboos, ouchies, and UH Oh’s that I have to kiss and make better!

The internet enriches life to an extent but like anything else, when used excessively, it ceases to be enriching and becomes a hindrance to you as a person! I love technology and I love my technology evolution so far. What I need to remember and what I think others need to remember is that technology is great but it does not replace face to face relationships or phone calls. In order to not have a backlash against technology we all need to figure out how to utilize the technology in our own ways without forgetting how important a personal connection is. These technologies are there to enhance our current and hopefully new relationships but never to replace the current methods of connecting with solely an online connection.

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  1. Khushi

    I am in the same boat I am afraid, spend hours in front of the web when I can caught up in the noise. NPR did a feature on internet addiction, and I think it was on PBS too, where they talked about kids in Korea, which is more advanced in internet terms, being checked in to internet addiction clinics similar to drug rehabs.

  2. riya

    i can totally symapthise with you.we are all going through the same phase…i guess this is the price we have to pay for having the world at our fingertips.
    i’m so glad you’re writing munni mashi 🙂

  3. Anonymous

    You are so right. I am like you wasting time on internet a lot, even now! I dont remember any phone numbers and when depressed I want to email or be on line. I feel angry if there is no interesting news on CNN.

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