The less guitly sex

Social expectations of what a mom is supposed to be hasn’t evolved since women have entered the workforce. We used to be expected to excel as moms. Now we are expected to excel both as mothers and career women.

Men traditionally were socialized to be breadwinners and excel at bringing home a paycheck. Dads, perhaps are taking on greater responsibilities at home, but the expectation to excel in both roles isn’t as intense for men.

Cheating golfers to senators on the fiddle – Are men really as guilty as their PR managers want us to believe? I have always felt guilt when forgetting a friend’s birthday (even though it appeared loud and clear on face book reminders), or going back on on a promise to help someone close.
The problem is not that women feel too much guilt – but that men feel too little.

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  1. khushi

    That is a good observation. I agree…we just feel too much guilt. But I wonder why that should be – something to do with being mothers?

  2. indrani

    I guess we women suffer from guilt also because as I firmly feel we have a more conscious mind, care little too much for other’s feelings….. at times even at the cost of our convenience. What do you think?

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