The Mommy Lens

Do you feel that becoming a mom has changed the way you look at the world? Given you a mommy lens?

This thought came to me last weekend as I was at the salon last weekend.  Its not actually a salon, but a lady who does various beauty related services at her home. Her clientele is mostly women and its not unusual to have to wait a while. Well, as I was waiting while she face- waxed a lady, in came a teenage boy. Her son, in fact.

Once the mom finished, she proceeded to ask the beautician to wax her son’s eyebrows. All this while I was waiting but thats another story. And then the mom proceeded to give detailed instructions on the waxing making sure her son’s eyebrows arched to perfection. She said he needed for a job interview.

Especially since I had been waiting so long, I was wont to be judgemental. Why did a teenage boy need eyebrow waxing? And that too an Indian boy.  The men in my immediate family dont eyebrow way, and so this was new to me.

I thought this is the doing of cosmetic companies! Boys have to follow stereotypes too!! and such random thoughts that occur to you when you are perched on a lone chair in the corner of a room awaiting your turn with silence and apparent patience.

But then I thought, maybe when my boys are big, they will ask for this. Maybe this is a trend amongs boys now. Maybe the mom was just making sure her son’s hearts desire was fulfilled.

And I could tell that this line of thinking came as I was a mom. Before that I would have been more unforgiving, maybe even smothering a snicker. Now I had sudden patience and understanding.

This has happened to me many times now – messes on my floor, kids who dont behave as ideals dictate – all this seem so much milder and understandable through my mommy lens.

Have you noticed this? Do leave a comment and register here if you would like to write. I would love to hear from you!

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  1. Mahi

    Hi Khushi – I also have become more tolerant with the messy kids and screaming toddlers after becoming a mom and definitely have more empathy towards any other mom. However, my mommy lens still does not envision ever taking my son for getting his eyebrows waxed. Though I have years to go before he becomes a teenager and may be by then, unthinkable becomes thinkable.

  2. Yasmin

    True, I too have become more forgiving after my boys were born.

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