The non working mom life – part 2

So last time I wrote about how household drudgery is getting me down. And then today morning something small yet wonderful happened which I thought I must add.

I think my ‘nesting’ instinct has set in early this time, and I am cleaning out the closets this weekend. I know its too early, but I am excited to have things ready for the new one. Anyway, I was busy so I called over to the hubby and said ‘Give the babe his celery and salad for lunch, I will be out in a few’.

I heard the┬áhubby, who has been so very helpful this weekend, doing something in the kitchen and then calling the babe for his lunch. And then I hear the babe say ‘ No not brocolli. Mommy said celery. You are to give me celery for lunch’.

Now the babe loved broccoli (he calls them trees and being a pretend elephant, its his natural diet). But just the fact that he was correcting his dad – that he believes what I say for him, and takes that to be good for him was strangely flattering. And warmed my heart.

Just a small story.

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  1. Anonymous

    For some kids though dads rule supreme

  2. joysree

    very nice post.most of the time babes feel that my mommy knows best.that is the security momy they grow the senerio changes so capture all these momments.

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