The not time for bed book

bedtime storiesTime for Bed was a favorite bed time book for the babe. It has cute, calming photos of mommy and baby animals (though I never quite liked the snake one), and is wonderful to read during cuddling.

If you havent read it, its all about various babies cuddling with their mommies and going to bed. Or so I thought.

My younger one differs.

He says ‘ Mommy rook’ (he cant say the l yet) ‘The baby cow is waking up. Mommy cow is cuddling to wake baby cow’

Then next page

“Mommy rook. Baby doggy waking up. Mommy doggy kissing baby doggy to wake him up’

Trust a kid to interpret cuddling and sleepiness in an entirely different way!

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  1. indrani

    Hey Khushi, isn’t that amazing how your two boys interpret the same book in exactly opposite ways. Every child is different, so is his/her outlook. Thanks for sharing.

  2. lilchelsea

    I love baby animals they are symbolic of community and love! Thank you so much for suggesting a book that could bring me closer to my children.

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