The other side of Mom

My son is 7 yrs old now.. And I have come to realize being a mom is such a wonderful experiences that nothing I know of can ever come close to this. At the same time in the last 7 yrs, my life was completely focused on my son and my work… nothing beyond. Day in day out my entire life revolved around my family and on a side burner my career. Even when I was traveling on work, the one contestant thought on my mind would forever be that of my son and family. It made me feel very important in the beginning – like now I have a definite purpose in life like I have never had before. I felt important and needed. Over the years, this feeling gave way to a sense of loss… a sense where I felt I was loosing myself. I was becoming a different person.

A chat with old friend (a male one at that) opened my eyes. I was so focused on being a mom, that I forgot how to be myself!! That was when I started looking at my life from a different perspective.

I feel as mothers it is important for us to also look after ourselves and our other interest… those interestes that are other than children, family and work. That will help us be more complete as human beings and get even more satisfaction from life. In addition, it will also prepare us for a time when our children will grow up and will not need us so much any more.. Then,  we will need something else to fill our time and help us feel important.
My calling had been dancing.. I started taking Salsa lessons last August. It makes me feel good just for myself and I am a much more happier mother now 🙂

So, I urge all of you to look for something else that you like to do.. Preferably something outdoors.. and I guarantee you that you will see a distinct difference in yourself within days. You will have more patience and more smiles to give to everybody around you.

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  1. Malini

    I completely agree with you Ishita….and can relate with you on the self realization of pursuing our dreams, passions, hobbies…….nice post.
    Congratulations on discovering your inner caling………..

  2. Anonymous

    What a good post. What about some salsa notes next time…salsa for dummies. I guess its not something you can teach through blogging. I like what you say about outdoors. Lets see.

  3. Khushi

    You are so right. This became true for me even more once I gave up working outside. I started going to yoga classes though now I am back to sqare 1 with pregnancy.

  4. Tana

    Great insight, Ishita. Although I haven’t been a mother, I have been a wife in the past, in a very demanding relationship that I allowed to eat away at my own self, losing myself in being a couple rather than finding a balance. Now keeping the self balanced, constantly learning and growing has become a lifelong quest and constant practice.

  5. Yasmin

    This is so true!…Being a stay at home mom, I can totally relate to this. It’s really important to cultivate hobbies outside of your home/family. Taking up salsa lessons is such a nice idea… I think I should start practicing my Bharatnatyam, which I left years ago.

  6. Indrani

    I love this post Ishita. Most of the times, that apart from being some one’s mom, wife, daughter, daughter in-law, we are women, individuals as well. Thanks for sharing your introspection.

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