The red spangled mirror case

I have a lovely dark lavender suede winter purse I love. Its big, and rectangular with two dark lavender leather handles and faux lavender fur trimmimgs. ┬áInside there is a zipped pouch and three roomy compartments. I bought it when I was pregnant with my first son. When I started using it it was downright glamorous. It added some chic to my expanding pregnant form and loose, comfortable maternity dresses. Then next winter it was my back to work elegant purse – to be carried on days when I was meeting clients or was otherwise dressed snazzily. On other days I carried my breast pump bag stuffed with all my usual needs. The year after it was relegated to be my everyday bag. Elegant, still drawing comments but now with the slight gloom of dirt and wear.

The fourth year of its existence I was home with my son. Now I loved it because it was so big and roomy. I liked the splash of unusual color, but it was more important that it could hold the zillion essentials (wipes, an extra set of toddlerwear, tissues, goldfish, snack raisins etc). It had undergone a makeover like most of my life. I could totally identify with the whats in the purse post.

By this year it had darkened a bit more and the suede had worn off to reveal a shine. But everytime I flung in onto a grocery cart or tossed it in between the the two car seats in the back, it depressed me somewhat. My elegant purse! However, it was still functional and roomy so I loaded it with all I needed and lugged it around. There was simply no point in replacing it, what with a three month old. And it still had a faded clinging beauty and reminded me of a different life.

Out buying teacher gifts this christmas, I found at Pier 1 a red spangled mirror case. It was seductive and gorgeous – a snap open mirror in a silk case with little satin ribbon hinges and spangled with little mirrors and glitter on top. I picked it up as a last minute hostess or teacher gift, and stuffed in, in the Pier 1 bag into my purse.

But it fell out and fell right in next to the zipoc of wipes and the receipt from Publix. And I took out the pier 1 bag but let it remain. Amid all the functional even clinical contents of my purse, it looks out of place but promising. A reminder of a side of me I ignore. And of glamorous days to come

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  1. sarmila.basu

    I really liked it.. it always happens like that..

  2. Sophie

    Yes…the many facets of a woman. A roomy purse is like a woman’s heart – which holds a heart full of endless love, a voice full of sweetness, a head full of ideas, lists & plans & ofcourse a horizon of limitless flights of fancy and or/dreams (as you choose to classify)

  3. Tana

    Purses do qualify a woman’s many avatars! And there’s nothing to say Mommy shouldn’t also be glamorous, though I can imagine that on most days it seems like a stretch. Keep the red glamor going!

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