The second time around

You know, I have been thinking on what makes my second time different, and a lot of people ask me that as well. So heres my list:

  • I started showing much earlier. In fact, at a school reunion before I found out I was pregnant one of my seniors congratulated me on being pregnant! Now whether that is because I was or because the barfis and kesar pedas I had gobbled since I reached India had hit my tummy I dont know
  • I have not been scouring the internet for minute by minute baby development stories!
  • I started feeling the kicks so much sooner, say at 14 – 16 weeks. For the babe I had had to wait much longer
  • The kicks are much stronger. And I feel them all the time all over the place
  • I feel strange internal organs I did not know existed – the first time I was pretty tight, but now I can tell the baby gamboling in his little bag and touching so many of my internal parts. This is really a weird feeling.
  • I am not as paranoid about what I eat, what I touch etc. I am more relaxed in general. A little ache doesnt get me on the phone with the gynae
  • And did I mention the excess weight gain 🙂
  • By biggest worry is that the babe in all his three year old enthusiasm will pounce on my tummy and hurt the small one. Or maybe even kick him as he curls up to me on the bed
  • I am raiding the chocolate chip bag I keep for muffins ever since I have decided to buy no dessert. In my first experience, I had no sweet cravings right till the end
  • I have not been spending my weekends at Babies r us strolling the aisles.
  • I have been having more pains, and have been told to take more rest that the first time
  • No time for pre natal yoga!

And whats the same –

  • The amazement at the little person inside you
  • The nausea
  • The joys of knowing each stage the baby is going through
  • Worries if I will be able to breastfeed
  • The tiredness
  • The excitement

What was same/different for you?

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  1. freewilly

    hi khushi,u r really excited , u should be, second time , wow now u know exactly how it feels, right?now u know all about the joys ,excitement, tiredness, worries and all the various doubts and fears u have in your mind.u r much more stronger now .u r going to be a great mom second time around. good luck!

  2. Khushi

    Yes, I am very excited. I do feel I know the joys and excitement but maybe it will be new. Thank you so much for the wishes.

  3. Anonymous

    The second time round is definitely different to the first time and I agree with all that Khushi mentions.. The best part is the fun in discussing this with your elder and knowing how special this is for your elder child.. Now that my second is out, I am also feeling that I am a much more confident mum – not as scared as the first time round and I am enjoying every minute of it more – whether it be the midnight cries or any other interaction with the younger one – as for me atleast I know its the last time I will be holding my own baby who will be so young.. so in a way I am cherishing everything a lot more..
    And there is a sense of completion _ there is no more of any mental debates of should we / shouldnt we go for a second one.. I know my family is complete and thats a damn good feeling – no more pregnancies : )

  4. Khushi

    Very interesting comment anonymous. I am kind of in the same boat as you. I do hope the feeling stays on till after delivery.

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