The Suitable Girl

So the babe has decided to get married. He chose the girl – one of his regular playmates and insists that he will get married to her and invite all of us over to watch. He has been seeing some of our wedding pictures and has decided this is something he approves.

When he first said this, my first reaction was ‘Oh I hope he does not go around declaring his choice to all and sundry, especially the girl and her parents’. And my next thought was ‘How do I get him to understand the reality’.

So I told him ‘Of course, you can marry X or Y or whoever you want’.

He frowned ever so slightly and said ‘I can marry whomever I choose’ (I promise, he has not watched any Hindi movies – I dont know where he got that from)

‘Of course, of course’ I hastened to say ‘But it can be X or Y…you are too young’.

And then he said ‘But X is who I choose’ (he gets this from his dad :))

At that point I ignored it. Do I tell him not to go around telling this to everyone? I am afraid that will push him into further announcing his decisions to our embarrassment. And of course, even if he does, in the larger scheme of things I dont think it matters.

But it made me catch a fleeting glimpse of myself 20 or 30 years from now. Peering through contact lenses at his first choice, a wannabe Britneyesque blonde perhaps, or a scientist in jeans. Going through maybe the same conversation.

Wondering how I would react, what would I do….and given everything, what kind of Mother in Law will I be, and how! For a moment I say myself as the dreaded kind, interfering, maybe, caught in a perennial tug of power and the war of nits with another woman.

My friend in London says she loves having two daughters and it means she will never have to be an MIL to another girl.  Though technically speaking I did not hope for a girl or a boy, but thinking of it – there is something to what she says.

What do you think?

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  1. Hey Khushi…You echo my thoughts actually….just the other day, my 4 yrs old said “Mamma, I’m gonna marry XXXXX (an ex-school friend)”…My first reaction…I was simply dazed and thought what to answer and tell him to make him understand….

  2. Yasmin

    As long as it’s a ‘Girl’ , I’ll be happy…these days you never know…hahaha

  3. Indrani

    Khushi this is hilarious. My son off late has started saying he wants to go to ‘Shoshur bari’. These days and age you never know. But I agree with Yasmin. Frankly I’ll be ok with anyone my son brings home, as long as its a woman.

  4. Khushi

    Thanks everyone for your comments. You are right about the girl part. Malini, what did you say?

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