Things mommies learn – Mystery stink detective work

My pristine car is no longer clean – ever since the kids, but now it had the most horrible of smells. I drove in it all morning as I was in a rush and did not have time to search.

Then afternoon I am going out with my friend, and I apoligize. My car stinks. I have looked over and cant find the culprit. I looked in the trunk and on the seats. Cool as a cucumber she says – it must be milk and it must be under the seats. So we bend down and swipe our arms under the seats and sure enough – a sippy with unfinished milk surfaces. It was so funny that she knew  right away what the smell was, being a mom of two.

Have you had a stinky or other messy car situation?

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  1. Khushi Mommy

    You wont believe it but I had the same problem this week. A friend suggested that the catalytic converter can create problems too!

  2. Priya

    Being a mother of two,I am proud to say that I can also match the horibble smells to the culprits 🙂

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