Think you are pregnant?

This is the second in our post of life being pregnant in the US if you are from India or a foreign country. This one is on Pregnancy Symptoms.

Think you are pregnant?

How exciting! Did you buy the home pregnancy tests? If not, all drug store or grocery stores have them. A CVS or Walgreens usually have deals – buy two! As you will definitely want to confirm either way.  Go for the ones which promise early results and a clear way of understanding the result.

But while you do that, here is a list of symptoms you may see – Please add what you felt!

  • Missed period, of course and a bleeding that is much lighter than your usual period
  • Extreme tiredness, especially in the evenings
  • Nausea – the Hindi movie run to the bathroom and throw up kind, but also a little distaste, a little turning away
  • Wanting to pee more frequently
  • Just a strange feeling in your body that something is going on – I know this is non specific but most often its the greatest hint

Ok, so did you get the test yet? You will spend one of the longest three minutes of your life. If you took the ones with two lines showing you are pregnant, remember that the second line can be really faint. 

If the result is negative, try again in a few days. Sometimes early on the hormone levels may be too low.

Some people save the tests as a memory– you may say Yikes now, but in a year you will look back at this day that started you on a new journey with fondness. Now contact your OB!!

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  1. sarmila

    sometimes it happens the menstrual period is irregular, like one month it is not at all, another month is light, reeling of heads, BP fluctuations and all sorts of funny stuff, if you are having these tendencies, and not on the contraception, chance of pregnancy is there,, as soon as you get to find you are pregnant, make sure you go to your doctor, he will give you a prenatal vitamin,

  2. Khushi

    Thank you for your comment and sharing the knowledge.

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