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This is in response to this month’s topic “Something to talk about this month – Love and Friendship”

It seems appropriate to write more as everybody will be celebrating Valentine’s Day in a few days time…

I would like to share my thoughts & views on love & friendship and Valentine’s Day. As I look back and collate my memories……it seems strange that though not from a conservative family, I grew up with the fact that I can only have friends (girls only) but no boy-friends (a strict no-no). As I went to Girls’ School & College there was little scope of having a friend from the opposite sex, though I had friends who were boys (some were sons of my father’s colleagues and some were neighbors).

So I was always skeptical in making friendship with unknown people. So a boy who used to board a bus daily by which I used to go to school was termed as infatuation as I never could gather courage & ask to be his friend.

After completing graduation (that too from a women’s college), got enrolled in technical courses, where I met people I have never known before and became friends………

But still talking about a guy or bringing someone home was out of the question…….and finally submitted myself to the idea that the rest of the life will be spent with someone my parent chose for me.

So if someone showed a little interest in me, I was the one to back out first. Somehow one of the so called new friends became someone more than just a friend. We used to talk a lot and discuss on various topics on life, friendship, caring & sharing and found myself attracted to the person. I can say it was more “liking” than “love” at that time, which grew to be mutual respect for each other.

Those days (almost a decade back), the concept of Valentine’s Day was catching up fast with young generation (of course with a little publicity and promotions from card stores and shopping malls).

So I was thrilled when I received my first Valentine’s Day Card with chocolates and an invitation to attend a Valentine’s Day Party. It was like catching the moon and stars as the thought of going out with somebody was so out of the question.

We began to cherish our friendship which turned to love for each other at some point of time.

Now came the most difficult part in my life…………Had a harrowing time in convincing my parent that the person I chose to be my life partner will be the right son-in-law for them. Today I am writing this topic on love & friendship as a loving wife of a person who so patiently waited to have my parents approval and stick to my side even as we are going to celebrate our 7th anniversary in a couple of months.

This goes out to all my friends (old and new) including those I have never met & with whom I am associated.

This also goes out specially to one of my school friend, who became & still is a very close friend of mine as we sort of grew up together and still are tied with that string of friendship as now our kids are growing up together.

So this goes out to all those friends, and all Bloggermoms (readers and writers), a very Happy Valentine’s Day!

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  1. sarmila.basu

    very nice post!!

  2. khushi

    Very beautiful post. It touched my heart in many ways. I can identify with your description of our adolescence and early youth.

  3. Tana

    Malini, thanks for sharing your story, as well as for proposing this theme.

  4. Yasmin Talgeri

    Nice. I went down memory lane…

  5. Malini

    Sarmila, Khushi, Tana and Yasmin, Thank you all for your comments.

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