Three funny stories of our Techie Gen Z kids

So ever since I thought I would write on this topic, I have been asking people I meet about stories about their kids – the techie Gen Zs who are growing up breathing technology. And today I thought I will present 3.

One of my friends is a PhD from MIT and an MS from Stanford. To top it, he has worked for years in the technology sector. So he quite rightfully believed he was a fast ‘text’ er (is that a word) and felt that his teenage daughter’s professed scepticism about his texting speed was unjust. So he stepped into the minefield of a texting match with your teenager. Apparently, he went first and was happy that he took just 1.5 minutes to text the information over. Then his daughter had a go, and it took her all of 15 s. Unbelievable.

Then from my friend Marina, another story. Her daughter is just 8 and her husband spent all of maybe 15 minutes explaining setting up a website to her and then the parents went out. When they came back, the kids were asleep. They went over to their mac and saw that the girl had managed to create a website for pet lovers to upload information and pictures on their pets, created a blog and so on.

And the third is my own. At six months the babe was getting ready to crawl. We would put colorful, enticing toys out of his reach and hope that he would crawl to it. Mostly to puzzled baby looks. Then one day, I got off my cellphone and put it on is crib. The other end of the crib. Quite by mistake. Sure enough the babe through supreme effort pulled himself over. And convinced himself he could crawl. Such is the lure of technology!

What are your stories?

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  1. Anonymous

    I use my iphone to entertain my kids when in line.

  2. Sarmila

    a very very real fact.. everyone should share their stories.. thanks…

  3. Indrani

    My son loves seeing his own videos on my phone. That’s the only way he can be seated for his turn at the doctor’s clinic. once he realises he is watching ‘old videos’ he insists on recording new ones.

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