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indrani dasgupta to be together postThe queue for the cab at the Mall was long like a serpent. It consisted mostly of women with big trolleys filled with grocery for the approaching weekend, so typical on a Friday morning. They were others who were on vacation and few old couple who having fulfilled their parental responsibilities now had the time to venture out for casual shopping or perhaps to enjoy togetherness or may be a cup of coffee.  The queue was moving fast and in less than ten minutes I was at the beginning of the queue. Well almost. I was fifth in line and all of a sudden the line stopped moving. Curious to know what had happened, I left my trolley in the custody of the young woman after me in the queue. I saw an old gentleman on a wheel chair. Yeah may be he needs some help, I thought. On top of that, not all cabs could fit in his wheel chair, so he was waiting for a larger sedan cab. On closer look, I realised he had a nasal pipe attached to an oxygen cylinder which was kept on the floor of the wheel chair. “Need help” I asked politely. “Thanks for offering young lady, but certainly would appreciate if you could give a hand to my wife.” I then saw the wife, and I felt, yup she needs help. A fragile old woman, with hunched back because of old age was finding it difficult to move through the crowded entrance of the mall. It was hard to decide who needed help more, the husband or the wife.

“Actually I don’t quite like coming out, I mean not anymore in this condition. But my wife insists on my company, like the old days. She says she doesn’t like coming out alone. So I have to accompany her” Said the old man in a chirpy tone, quite different from his physical condition. I gave a smile to him, for his thoughtfulness. Just when their cab came, the wife almost whispered in my ears “Actually I insist on his company as otherwise he’ll just stay at home, day after day, which is not good for his mental health. When he was fit and fine, he would never leave me alone if he felt it would have been difficult for me to manage all by myself. Not that I can’t manage on my own. I understand its bit inconvenient at times for us and for others too, but well I got to be with him, now more than ever.”

With the help of the concierge and a hand of mine, as they went off in their cab waving goodbye to me, I thought to myself, “They truly meant when they took their marriage vows…

To be Together for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, as long as we both shall live, until death do us part

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  1. Khushi

    Indrani, a very refreshing post. Today I was driving back from school drop off and the radio DJ ( who went through a divorce herself) kept insisting ‘50% of marriages end in divorce’, ‘Its difficult’ , ‘You have to work at it’ . I kept thinking – here in America at least they make marriage so much around what is there today – my husband does not ‘listen’, ‘clean up’ or ‘understand me’ etc – instead of imagining the promise of what togetherness can bring.

  2. Tana

    Indrani, that made me teary. Thank you for sharing that heartwarming story. It is often in our encounters with complete strangers that we can have our biggest insights, isn’t it?

  3. Megha

    Very true Indrani,when we are young we keep cribing about what we don’t have and don’t give importance to what we have.In that process we spend our whole life fighting over trivial issues.By the time we realise this it’s already late and we have spent our entire life.If only we could give importance to every moment of togetherness……….given by god.

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