Toddler and Preschooler Snack Ideas

Summer camp got me thinking. What will I do when I have to plan a packed snack and lunch every day? Ok, so I gave him Goldfish (whole grain) the first day and alphabet crackers and grapes the next – I was trying to go with favorites for the first few days.

But what if I have to pack one every day? I dont want to go processed all the time. So I looked around, and here’s what some of the other moms gave their kids – much better choices than mine, and maybe some ideas.

  • Carrots
  • Peach (for the four and five year olds)
  • Apple (for the four and five year olds)
  • Edamame
  • Home baked crackers which looked whole grain
  • Yogurt ( with an ice pack i suppose, again for a older kid)
  • Apple crisps
  • Dry cereal

What do you send with your kids? Do let me know.

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  1. Ann

    Veggie Chips, apple juice

  2. Anonymous

    Muffins – with veggies or fruits baked in them. Whole grain.

  3. sands

    I pack lunch everyday for her, some of the things are Indian suji utthapam, parantha,idli, baby cheese, baby carrots, cut up apple or any fruit for that matter, veg fried rice, yogurt, any idnain bread works well in her lunch box,baby bagel with creme cheese, lentils and rice (indian style).

  4. Pry

    Hey Sands- can you post teh recipe for Indian suji uthappam when you get time? I have never tried that..sounds good..

  5. Khushi

    Thanks everyone for your suggestions. Sands, I like your ideas, specially since there are Indian ideas in there. Pry, just because I know Sands – she makes great upma. MAybe she could post that too one day. Sands, I still remember that breakfast.

  6. Khushi

    Anonymous, I like the muffin idea a lot. I like muffins in general. Cheese cubes, apple crisps, I have so many suggestions!

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