Too tired to blog

About anything sensible. My husband has been working all weekend and even though I am in my second trim, being on toddler duty without a break for the last week or so has got me exhausted. Do you all go through this – one moment I feel so grateful that I have my son who is so full of cuddles, joy and amazing discoveries – and the next moment I am dreading planning the next meal and snack and the next round of cleanup.

This weekend we went to a cool birthday party with a belly dancer. The babe is still talking about it. The belly dancer was kid friendly and gave the kids all kinds of musical instruments to play with. The girls liked swinging and the boys liked the instruments like drums, wooden spoons, fans etc.  She also gave the moms an impromptu belly dancing lesson which I had to miss because of swollen belly and a sudden attack of clinginess on part of the babe.

Totally random notes : The babe who has been pretending to be a cat has agreed to try fish and swallowed his first bite of salmon today.

In my first pregnancy I usually had a long list of questions for my doctor, but this time have to rack my brains to write one or two and they are usually – ‘How much weight can I lift’ and ‘ What happens if my toddler accidentally kicks or hits me’

I tried some of Rachael Rays recipes today with success – a tomato onion salad from her book.

I am curious to know more about our next ‘Mom/dad in question’

I did not strike anything off my todo list today despite being very busy!

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  1. Anonymous

    I go through the same dilemma. Dont worry if you never work it out. Hope you feel better

  2. Smitha

    I feel the same way most of the days. and I am not pregnant!!!

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