Top 10 Immune Busters

Today I want to write about some habits that can make the immune system shut down, so if you follow some advice  in  day to day’s lifestyle, your body will thank you.

1.  Junk the Junk Food —Experts have shown when a person is malnourished the immune system is weakened, when you restore the person to normal nutrition, immune system improves. But when they  are continuing to improve nutrition beyond mere adequacy, the immune system continues to improve even in healthy people.Junk food includes excess fats(Polyunsaturated), excess sugar. Sugar inhibits phagocytosis by which the virus and bacteria are engulfed and literally chewed up by the white blood cells.

2. Dodge the PCB’s— It takes just one exposure of less than 1 millionth of a gram for immunotoxic contaminants such as Polychlorinated Biphenyls(PCB),mercury, certain pesticides. Reduce the smoking, limit alcohol, stop taking illicit drugs.  Buy organic produce, rinse fruits and vegetables thoroughly to remove pesticides.Choose cleansers, paper goods that are made with less toxic mate.

3. Avoid Sleep Deprivation — It has a powerful detrimental effect on immune system. Poor sleep is associated with our immune system function and reduced numbers of killer cells that fight germs.

4. Release yourself from Stress Trap — Stress is an immune buster. Period of extreme stress can result in lower natural killer cell count “”Killet T”” cells and  diminish macrophage activity that can amplify the immune response.

5. Adopt an Optimistic Look —Subtle shades of sadness affects weaken the immune system.

6. Avoid Sedentary  Lifesyles — It has tremendous impact on health. Moderate exerise is the key . It increases a good  blood circulation.

7. Avoid Social Isolation— Studies show that the fewer human connectios we have at home , at work , the more likely we are to get sick, flood on brains with anxiety causing chemicals.

8. Stop Smoking —Smoking and breathing in second  hand smoke  are terrible for your entire body. It contains 4000 chemical compounds, 43 are carcinogens.

9.  Arm yourself against too many Antibiotics — Few steps to take correctly  to keep good the immune system.

                   take antibiotics only for bacterial infection

                  take it in right way. You have to finish the entire course.

                 don’t use it to try to prevent infection

                 don’t save or share antibiotics

                 avoid antibacterial hand soaps and lotions

10. Use laughter to beat stress —Researchers have found that the positive emotions are associated with laughter. Decrease stress hormones and and increases certain immune cells while activating cheers. Find reasons to laugh. Lightning up can really light up your immune system.

                If these can be followed , one can lead a good immune system……

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  1. khushi

    Thank you, I love this post. Good ideas.

  2. Anonymous

    Sarmila, great thinking and unique points. I would not have thought that mood and sadness would have an effect on the immune system. How illuminating.

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