Top 10 Things to do During Earth Hour 2010

Things to do during earth hour 2010Looking for ideas to do during Earth Hour? Earth Hour 2010 is on March 27th from 8:30 pm local time. Thats the time when people all over the country switch off all non essential lighting for one hour in honor of our planet earth. Do join us for an hour in saving some electricity, doing something for our planet, but most importantly to send a message of environmental caring.

Here are some ideas on what to do during the one hour of ‘Lights out’. It sounds so exciting, and brings back memories of the many ‘load sheddings’ of my childhood and of childhood games and whispers with cousins after lights were really out. So here are some ideas. Do add your own! You can pick and choose and do many from this list if it suits you.

For ideas on Earth Day with Kids, click this link. Also click here for ideas on Earth Day for Kindergarten or preschool. And on some last minute ideas for earth day activities.

  1. Candle Light Dinner during Earth Hour: How about getting the family together for a romantic, nice candle lit dinner during earth hour? Put out some nice candles, lay out some food on washable containers and talk and eat. And if you want to do more with the spirit of the hour, choose a dinner with local foods or organic foods and with minimum waste. Use all re-usable containers and napkins, make sure you recycle anything that can be.
  2. Play ‘Dark Room’ : Its Hide and Seek in the Dark. is how its played.One person stands outside a ‘dark room’ while the others hide inside the ‘dark room’ in whatever suits their fancy. Then after 60 s, the person outside enters and has to find the others in the dark. We remember this fondly from our childhood, and people can get pretty creative since its just a room. The first person to be found then becomes the one to have to find the others. You can stay in your hiding place till you are found. Or you can declare yourself when a flashlight comes on. You can modify this game based on safety concerns in your house and the age of the kids.
  3. Read Books by Flashlight: Have you ever tried it? Its a lot of fun, especially on the sofa cuddled with kids. Maybe choose old favorite books or books on the earth /animals/conservation and environment.
  4. Camp in your Living Room: If you have a tent that will work (even a childs tent) you can set up camp in your living room and pretend you are camping. Of course, if you can camp outside, thats great but inside works too. Throw some cushions and blankets on the floor. Pack a picnic dinner by candle light or have some hot chocolate.
  5. Art in the Dark: Lay out washable paints and crayons or cut out pictures and things to stick in a collage with your kids. Then once you switch of the light, hand each child or even adult a blank paper and ask them to create art in the dark or by candle light. You can also do something like allow them to view their artwork every two minutes by flashlight. Dont forget to take pictures of the artwork once lights come on!
  6. Play Old Childhood games by candle light: ‘Pin the Planet in the Solar System’ – recycle some card board boxes or wrappers to make planets and a sun. Then have everyone pin some planets in the dark, ans see how it looks when the lights come on. ‘Question Answer’  (where one person in the family asks a question of another, and the other has to answer – this can be fun and revelatory, especially with kids. Even things like ‘What fruit would you like to be and why?’, whats your favorite restaurant, etc) or ‘Dumb Charades’ (or charades as they are called here, great fun by candlelight)  or ‘Chinese Whispers’  (where we sit it a circle and whisper to the person next to use and see how whispers change over the group)or ‘Story’ (one person starts a story and others continue it).  Dont forget Antakshari (one person starts a song, and the next one has to think of a song from the last alphabet of the first one). Anything that reconnects us to the ourselves and the family and thats whats the earth is all about! You can choose an earth theme for these games, or just do whats fun.
  7. Watch the Skyline: If you can from your house, or if you are in a town which has a good location for doing that, watch the dimmed skyline in your city.
  8. Catch up with the family: Chat away – thats all there is to it. Without tools to distract us, darkness can often be revelatory. Dont forget to make a pledge to be more environmetally friendly.
  9. Solve Earths Problems: Inclined to throw in some maths? Do a search on amount of energy that is used to light up a home or average trash per family or some such environmental fact. Then count and calculate with your kids on how much energy earth hour can save. You can also think of ideas on how you can do more to save the earth – such as recycling or cleaning up, and each member of the family can make a pledge on things they would do different.
  10. Take a walk in the dark – keep the security on , and if your whole neighborhood is doing it, walk around in safe areas and see how it looks. Dont forget to take pictures and share them!

And of course, if electronics are your cup of tea, you can watch a movie in the dark: If you feel like it, recreate the movie theater in the dark with popcorn and the like. Watch a movie on your laptop or see whats happening in other earth hour sites on your laptop:This one for the perennially wired. I think Google and others will show whats going on around the city or earth and snaps of different skylines which will be kind of cool to watch.

More ideas? Do add to the list. What would you do during ‘power cuts’?

For more ideas on spending earth month and earth day with kids, click here.

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    Play board games or card games by candle light.

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