Top five things to do while you are nursing

So now that I have been nursing for three months, and the nursing stretches are getting longer instead of shorter, I keep thinking of things that can be done with one hand and with baby attached to you. Of course, if you have the luxury of watching TV, you are set. But in my case, since I dont let the babe watch TV and also, our TV has gone bust and we decided not to fix it ( At some point, the US will emerge from a recession and we will get a flat screen), I had to think of other options.

Also, if you can fit in a nap, or lie down and feed, its easier…but I cant sit and sleep, and I cant lie down and nurse..yet. I could with the babe after he was six months, so maybe that will work with this one too.

If you are thinking of things to do – My friend in UK, nursing her second girl inspired me by mentioning she does logic puzzles for one side, and reads a novel for the other. 

Anyway, here are my top five:

  • Reading of course. I have joined a book club and have been reading so much more that before. Since I am right handed, this is easiest with the right hand, and when baby is nursing on the left side. But I can do both
  • Journalling: Seriously, this was a great discovery. Again on the left side, as I need my right hand free
  • Watch TV shows online. What a relief, the babe doesnt find out, and I sneak in full episodes of desperate housewives or brothers and sisters in chunks of twenty minutes throughout Monday and Tuesday
  • Conference calls : Did you try this? If you have a hands free all the better. Of course, in case a particularly nasty burp assails baby… keep the mute button handy. This worked great with the babe as I was working part time from home.
  • Networking: Long lost friends are surprised to receive calls from me – and several have been surprised by detailed voicemails. You can also surf linkedin or facebook and send friend requests to remote acquaintances(but do little else unless you can type).

I did not put blogging or email, as I cant really type while nursing. Just balancing baby and computer and nursing below and burp cloth is enough. And I did not put surfing  the internet. When I do sit with the computer, I surf ad nauseum and that leaves me with no appetite to blog or email later!

What did you do when nursing?

Addendum: Since reading this post I realized that phone conversations should only be restricted to the staid, business like ones. Laughing too much pretty much dislodges the baby!

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  1. Anonymus

    How about drinking a nutritous juice drink or smoothie? With a straw

  2. Full Time Mom

    How about browsing through your cookbooks and listing down groceries to buy for the week? If you can free one hand to use the mouse, try internet shopping. Wish you luck!

  3. Khushi

    These are great suggestions. I like making grocery lists!

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