Top things to ask your parents to bring from India when you are pregnant

Hi. This is a continuation of our series on navigating a pregnancy in the USA or a foreign country if you are from India. When hormones take hold of you, it may not be easy to remember what to ask for when your mom or a family member comes to visit you or your city. So here are some ideas that worked for us:

  • Godris or kathas or thick home made baby blankets which are thicker and softer than some of the ones available in the US
  • Cloth diapers for your baby from India if you want to use for your child. The ones from India are easier to wash or dry.
  • Your favorite sweets
  • Post natal foods according to your customs – such as laddoos with Fenugreek (methi), katla¬†and other herbs
  • Baby jewelry
  • Traditional Indian clothes for baby
  • Baby hair oil available in India from Johnson and Johnson if you want to use it
  • Massage oil for babies and for mom – whatever you use traditionally in your part of India
  • Loose nightgowns or kaftans
  • Nightgowns for breastfeeding – in India you can get loose nightgowns with hidden panels and zippers for breastfeeding
  • Ajawain to make ajawain water for cleansing and help with post natal bleeding

What are your ideas? We are trying to build a comprehensive list, so please suggest!

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  1. Asha

    I think also ask for loose skirts and cotton dresses till you lose the pregnancy weight.

  2. Anonymous

    I like the baby hair oil idea

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