Top traits of Indian parents?

1. Indian parents are conservative and traditional. They raise children as if stuck in time limbo. For more, see

2. They are extremely protective and treat dating as a life threatening sport. To Indian parents you are not an adult, until you are “married”. If you come from really lucky parents, they may tolerate dating, (for fear of a back lash from the child) but most will not accept it.

3. They are obsessed with education. Academic excellence is considered standard. Anything less than an A is frowned on and is barraged with a million questions. The reason why we have so many successful Indians in high positions at various levels is because their parents expected them to be the best they could. Sometimes children need to understand that we ask them to be the best for their own good so that when they become older,  they can stand on their own feet. Starting off your child with Kumon, does not necessarily put your child on track for academic excellence.

4. Indian parents are very clannish. Most of their friends and family are Indians. The so called non Indian friends are a handful and are mostly not a part of the “inner circle”.  Although Indian communities are welcoming of other people, they are pretty devoted to their own community. Most of us know some aunty / uncle whose “cultural” family takes precedence over their own.

5. When Indian parents say success, they mean money and it’s purely materialistic. They want their children to be well off so they can be independent and take care of family, in case need arises.

6. Indian families are very close knit and children are raised with a lot of affection and values. Emphasis on relationships is nurtured since childhood. Its not appalling to be living together with parents, after 18. Living together calls for a lot of adjustments and arguments, which have been imbibed into the child.

7. Indian parents are usually frugal financially and stretching the dollar is something that comes as a way of life.  By that I don’t mean buying clothes from K-mart and putting it in a recycled gift box from Macy’s but the occasional plastic rug-runner going down the hallway at home makes your carpet go a long way.

8. Last but not the least Indian parents tend to be religious and most believe in some sort of superstitions.

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  1. You are kidding, right!! I find most of these pretty offensive and dimunitive. Such sweeping generalizations take away from our individualities and not to mention, portray us in a stereotype that is not true, to the rest of the world. I don’t know if it’s just me, but even the postives here have been portrayed in a negative light. My belief is that the present generation parent is more liberal than conservative, a perfect mix of modernism and tradition, completely over the dogmatic social stigmas of yesteryears and having a perfect balance of financial, academic, social and cultural values, whether it is here or back home. Ofcourse, this is just my opinion and I respect yours even if I completely disagree. In the end, I just hope that people see us for who we are and not label us one way or another just based on our race or color.

  2. Anonymous

    These stereotypes aren’t necessarily offensive – I found almost every one of these to be entirely accurate of my Indian parents even though I grew up in America. It depends on the family though. Much like how most of my Indian friends have conservative parents, I do know a handful with very white-washed parents (i.e. liberal with dating, school, etc.)


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