Top Valentines Ideas for 2010

1) Hire a house cleaner for the week. When you’ve been in a relationship for awhile things can become routine with chores and housework often leave little time for you to be together. Hire someone to care for the daily “stuff” or if you need really affordable, you do it — laundry, dishes, trash, vacuuming, etc.

2) Join a Panty of the Month Club. Most people have not heard of panty clubs. They are like a wine of the month clubs, but the recipient receives panties monthly rather than wine. Try It’s the panty club for everyone.

3) Personalized Money Clip – Money Clips make great personal gifts for him. Can you think of a better way to stay close to your man. Be forever on his mind and in his pocket. Try

4) Dinner on a rooftop. – Escape to a remote romantic setting. Pack a surprise picnic with champagne and fun food and Enjoy.

5) Massage. Set up an area where you can easily take turns giving each other massages. Massage Aides: scented oils and lotions, soothing music, hot towels, pillow for head or under knees, water, decaf tea.

6) Use your hidden talent. Do you paint, write, make music, take photos, make videos? Make something meaningful. The more creative, the more you’ll be appreciated.

7) Hire a chef. There’s a new crop of budding chefs who don’t work for restaurants, they work for you. Hire a chef and enjoy a professionally cooked Valentines dinner at home. An Atlanta Example:

8) Time. Time is so precious, yet we don’t often think of it as a gift. Both of you play hooky for the day and do things that you can’t typically do.

9) Bath for two – When is the last time you took a bath? When is the last time you took a bath together?

10) Lose that irritating thing. The gift you both may appreciation the most. Lose the thing that irritates your partner; quit smoking, lose 10 lbs, let’s go out more, clean up after yourself. You know the one I’m talking about.

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