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Heart Disease And Sex

Back again with a very sensitive topic.. Can someone still have sex after heart failure is diagnosed ? Some people don’t ask this question for they feel embarassed, but I think this is a subject which should be discussed, people... (Continue reading)

Top 10 Immune Busters

Today I want to write about some habits that can make the immune system shut down, so if you follow some advice  in  day to day’s lifestyle, your body will thank you. 1.  Junk the Junk Food —Experts have shown... (Continue reading)

Breakfast In Bed

Wish All Of You A VERY VERY HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY. This Valentine’s day, be lazy. Indulge! Forget about boxed chocolate or a dozen of roses or an overpriced dinner. Treat yourselves to the make ahead breakfast plan instead. This sweet... (Continue reading)

Spring Cheese Cake

Valentines day every year is on 14th February,, so almost the Spring is here.. Once the Valentines day is near by as well as the Spring, love is in the air!! Woo your Sweetheart with a cheese cake which is a specialty... (Continue reading)

Pink Banana Smoothie

Hey, For the valentine, I am going to share a tasty yummy drink to quench the thirst of your Sweetheart! Ingredients Serves–2 1 cup apple juice or cider 2 ounces soft silken tofu (about 1/4 cup) 1 cup frozen strawberries... (Continue reading)

Mator shuti(pea)kachoori with Alu Dom

Valentines Day is around the corner. So I thought of sharing a special delicacy to you all which is very common but really delicious dish among West Bengal people. Mator Shutir kachuri(Pea kochuri) Ingredients: To make Matorshuti or pea kachuri... (Continue reading)

Something to talk about this month – Love and friendship

Hello everyone! Malini had a great idea – maybe we can come up with a topic for each month and we can write, discuss our thoughts and experiences around it as one of the topics we talk about. This wont of course,... (Continue reading)

Boondi Ladoo

Hello Everyone, Wish all of you a very Happy Shree Panchami or Saraswati Pujo, what ever you say.. Today for Saraswati Pujo I am sharing my  Grandma in law’s(didishashuri) one delicacy. Sometimes she used to make this laddos , and we... (Continue reading)

Eating Disorders

I like to raise  a topic of two dangerous Eating Syndromes occur with some frequency among college goers.  1.   Bulimia:This disease involves eating very large quantities of food, binging and subsiquent purging is also called Bulimia. Some  people frequently goes... (Continue reading)

Disease Of A Prostate

Today I like to tell you about a very common disease in young men.  The most common prostate problem is Prostitis.The symptoms include low back pain, bowel pain during evacuation, pain during ejaculation, or pain during a rectal exam. There may... (Continue reading)

Problems Of Overweight:Low Calorie Diets

Today I want to discuss with you  one of the great frustation  for most of the people throughout the world , Obesity or Overweight.. Relative affluance, abundance of a wide variety of foods, lack of physical exercise  are the most... (Continue reading)

Diet And Depression

Chronic Depression is not something one can just snap out of, but a debilitating medical condition, affecting mind and body, Apart from depressed mood, loss of interest and low self worth , it includes symptoms of low energy, insomnia, weight... (Continue reading)

Parkinson’s Disease And It’s Diet..

This time I want to tell you something about the second most  progressive neurological disorder that results in the death of DOPAMINE  producing cells in the brain. Loss of Dopamine affects movement, both of skeletal muscle and smooth muscle of... (Continue reading)

Mediterranean Vegetable Salad

Though by profession I am a Dietician  , yet, my passion is COOKING. I love to be in Kitchen for long time making various dishes… I want to share a Mediterranean Vege Salad, which is  a very good diet of... (Continue reading)

Personal is Political: South Asian Lens on Vibrant Love

Having been a close witness to the journey of Tasveer, a local grassroots film organization, I am thrilled that this family of courageous, independent film enthusiasts is demonstrating a marked evolution (and revolution) in presenting perspective through film. They are... (Continue reading)

Art Exhibition


This is in response to the post of Art Exhibition – Glass Paintings by Malini…. First of all let me thank you all those who have appreciated my art work. Believe me it’s really tough to manage family, work and... (Continue reading)

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Ratha Yatra Festival – the festivals of chariots

You know as a kid I used to love Ratha yatra. Back in Calcutta, sorry Kolkata we would each have our own special ‘raths’ or special multistoreyed chariots. We would occasionally get a new one but it would usually last... (Continue reading)

How wasur memorial day??

Hey Bloggermoms..How was the long weekend? I was getting over my sorethroat and cold and was glad that I got 3 days away from work..What did you guys do? Hope everybody had an awesome days off. Now guys you have... (Continue reading)

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Summer camps for kids above 5

Hey Bloggermoms!!! Summer is gonna come soon…And school will be closing in 1 month. I am goin to send my son to a summer camp where my girl goes for pre-k. It will be easy for me to pick and... (Continue reading)

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Lohri Festival – Happy Lohri to all!

Happy Lohri! Lohri is a festival celebrated in the North of India, which celebrates the harvesting of rabi crops ( or fall/winter crops) in India. This time Lohri is on the 13th, which is Sunday. I started celebrating Lohri once... (Continue reading)

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