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Turkish Chicken Thighs

Friends, now I want to  tell you a  nutritious recipe  which I am sure you will like it.. I have tried it, it is delicious!! The acidity of the  yogurt  helps tenderize  the chicken~~ Preparation time:1 hr 40 mins Makes:4... (Continue reading)

Problems Of Overweight:Low Calorie Diets

Today I want to discuss with you  one of the great frustation  for most of the people throughout the world , Obesity or Overweight.. Relative affluance, abundance of a wide variety of foods, lack of physical exercise  are the most... (Continue reading)

Diet And Depression

Chronic Depression is not something one can just snap out of, but a debilitating medical condition, affecting mind and body, Apart from depressed mood, loss of interest and low self worth , it includes symptoms of low energy, insomnia, weight... (Continue reading)

Parkinson’s Disease And It’s Diet..

This time I want to tell you something about the second most  progressive neurological disorder that results in the death of DOPAMINE  producing cells in the brain. Loss of Dopamine affects movement, both of skeletal muscle and smooth muscle of... (Continue reading)

Alzheimer’s Disease And It’s Diet

Hi, this is Sarmila here, by profession I am a Dietition,  today I want to share a very common disease with all of you. Alzheimer’s , a very common disease in today’s fast world damages areas of the brain involved in memory,... (Continue reading)

Home remedies for scratchy throat when pregnant

Pregnant and congested, with a scratchy throat! Apparently, congestion is another pesky yet common side effect of pregnancy – though not the scratchy throat. I had both a couple of days ago, so used some recommended home remedies I thought... (Continue reading)

5 Simple ways to Keep kids healthy this school year

Being a mom of 3 yr old twin boys, I have my hands full. So to make things a little easy for me, I try to build their defenses against common childhood illnesses like ear infections and colds. Germs are... (Continue reading)

No papayas or pineapples when pregnant!

Did you know this Bloggermoms? I had not heard this at all in my first pregnancy, and tucked into papayas with relish, and luckily with no side effects. But in India they say that you should not eat papayas or... (Continue reading)

Babies with lots of hair?

Hey I heard two home remedies or tricks that pregnant women can do to make sure their babies have a lot of hair when they are born. Now I have no idea if they work or not. My friend says... (Continue reading)

Sleep Problems in Children: What parents need to Know?

Hello everybody! Based on the feedback I received, I have touched upon another very common problem parents face while raising kids . Sleep Problems in Children not only makes the children cranky but also many a times creats a havoc in their parents’... (Continue reading)

Is your child a fussy eater?

One of our professors of pediatrics used to tell us that you can only be a good pediatrician once you have your own children. Since that was biologically impossible by the time our examinations approached, we decided to concentrate on... (Continue reading)

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I wish I could remember back to the time when I took my first faltering steps. I think I was walking soon after I turned one. As a non-mom, I do not have the experience of seeing my baby make... (Continue reading)

Home Remedy for Upset Stomach for toddlers/kids

I wanted to add this to the list of Indian baby and toddler food recipes on the Bloggermoms site. Do you worry about what to feed your child when she has an upset stomach? This is a recipe used in... (Continue reading)

Easy breakfast for Kids


                                        My son’s school starts at 7:45. That means he has to be out of the house by 7:30.  As I need to go to work too, I always get the following breakfast items for my son. NO turning ON... (Continue reading)

Swimming Pool safety for kids

We have a huge backyard and last year we put a swimming pool – a very nice one I should say.My kids had lot of fun- and me too :-). My kids knew swimming.I thought I would write this post as... (Continue reading)

Indian style sweet corn chicken soup

My son loves Indian food..He loves curries,biriyani,dosa,sambar almost everything. He loves to go to an Indian Chinese restuarant near our house. me too. 🙂 They have this awesome sweet corn soup which everybody in our family loves. Last weekend ,... (Continue reading)

Flu nation

First my son got it and now me…it’s the flu, stupid! Krish got it on Sunday…we watched the super bowl with him till 8:30pm or so and just when it started getting intersting with a touchdown from Giants, we had... (Continue reading)

Maka powder ???

Hi everybody The other day I was wondering about in the Indian section of a Farmer’s market and I saw a powder called Maka powder. Apparently it helps with hair loss . Does anybody have any idea what this powder... (Continue reading)

A complete egg head

Ok, bloggermoms, you all probably know all about this. I have been putting one egg on my head (hair) – just crack it and mix the yolk and the whites and apply with a brush – for the last few... (Continue reading)

Anemia in vegetarian kids

One of my kids has anemia – and hates to eat any kind of beef or meat. I try to give egg, but when I looked at the list of vegetables, iron rich veggies have so much less iron than... (Continue reading)

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