Book Club

Earth Day


As a part of celebration of Earth Day, I took my son to the nearby public library and came across this wonderful book, Earth Day by Linda Lowery. It talks about what propelled Senator Nelson to take up the mission... (Continue reading)

The Writing on my Forehead


The Writing on my Forehead by Nafisa Haji is a book about Saira, a Muslim American of Indo-Pak origin. Free spirited and rebellious Saira has grown up in California and from her childhood has been caught between the boundaries for... (Continue reading)

The not time for bed book


Time for Bed was a favorite bed time book for the babe. It has cute, calming photos of mommy and baby animals (though I never quite liked the snake one), and is wonderful to read during cuddling. If you havent read... (Continue reading)



Review Have you ever seen a movie or read a book twice and has the perspective changed completely? Originally based on Eric Segal’s Man, Woman and Child, Masoom is one of those rare movies which is much better than the... (Continue reading)

Eat, Pray, Love and Ignore


Eat, Pray, Love –  The movie. Though I was waiting for a movie starring Julia Roberts, I have been feeling absolutely no urge to watch Eat, Pray, Love. First, the hysteria seemed over the top. Second, it seems like the story... (Continue reading)

Preschool Summer Reading – A house is a house for me


Preschool reading suggestions for the summer? All summer, we will be listing out books we are loving. Do suggest some that you are liking. We would love to hear from your summer reading experience with your preschooler. A House Is... (Continue reading)

Preschool Summer Reading – Abuela


Abuela  by Arthur Dorros is a delightful boook about a girl and her grandma and how they go on a flying adventure around the city. The book has beautiful multicultural paintings. The illustrations are richly detailed and you can spend... (Continue reading)

Kids Summer Reading Ideas


As happens each summer, the babe and I are on a reading spree. I love going to the library and choosing books, but finding ones we love are sometimes difficult. So I thought I will share a few times a... (Continue reading)

The Girls Who Went Away


I belong to a book club and we recently  The Girls Who Went Away by Ann Fessler. The book is heartbreaking, well researched and eye opening. In other words, its a must read.Ann Fessler, before I go further and lose you all, talks... (Continue reading)

Multicultural Childrens Books – What we read last week


The babe has been reading some wonderful books. Here are two that I really enjoyed. The first ‘My Granny Went to Market‘ by Stella Blackstone talks of the travels of an adventurous granny who travels around a world collecting souvenirs... (Continue reading)

Multicultural Childrens Book – The Legend of the Blue Bonnet


The babe has been on this roll of bringing back multicultural childrens books from school. This week he got  The Legend of the Bluebonnet. Its a beautiful story of a sacrifice by a young child that ends up saving her... (Continue reading)

Yeh – Shen : A Chinese Cinderella Story


Did you know that Cinderella was from China? The babe’s school does a great job of sending him story books from all around the world, and this week, i got the book Yeh-Shen: A Cinderella Story from China. When I... (Continue reading)

Good books for kids in preschool and kindergarden


I am part of a book club now which I love. One of the best things about it is that it forces me to read, and also I get to read books I would never have bought myself. I find... (Continue reading)

Silent killer!


Often regarded as the “silent killer” it is important to address lymphoma symptoms in adults. Lymphoma is one of the most common causes of death from cancer in the United States. More than 48,000 new cases of symptoms of lymphoma... (Continue reading)

Positive Discipline

Of late I have been reading a book called ‘Positive Discipline’ by Jane Nelson. I bought the book after I was flummoxed by a ‘surprise’ question in a parent questionnaire for school admissions. I say surprise, as I was supposed... (Continue reading)