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Moving……. The world through a pre schooler's eyes.


Shortly after my 3rd birthday, Dad & Mom sat with me in my toy room and said “Sweetie do you remember going to Singapore when your Mashi was living there?” “No, I don’t,” I said. “Well, we are moving there.”... (Continue reading)

Welcome, Didu


Its been a long time since I last wrote about my baby. I think I even missed writing about his first birthday. The thing is, my day is so full of his little antics and mega cuteness that when I... (Continue reading)

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Conversation at Midnight

It was one o’clock in the morning. The family had just returned after a family dinner. Hubby is sloshed with two drinks down. Mom and son are not sleepy at all. They had slept like logs for good three hours... (Continue reading)

The Objects of my Affection

Out and about I see babies with their ‘attachment objects’ – blankie’s galore, sometimes a soft toy such as a nice fluffy bear or a silky blue bunny with a satin bow. These meet with my general approval. Though my... (Continue reading)

First Words

The baby said his first word ! And no, its not Mommy – though she has been saying that word to him a million times a day, inserting it into every conceivable conversation gap . (This is Mommy. Now Mommy... (Continue reading)


No, I am not referring to the Bollywood movie to be released soon in the theatres. I am referring to the ways my son adopts for doing things, albeit, quickly and differently. As part of the Montessori training that I... (Continue reading)


When my older son was two, we got a ‘o-your-son-is-so-cute’ from the next table. But the lady, with long, curly, untamed dirty golden tresses and a long skirt followed it up by ‘Do you know what he was in his... (Continue reading)

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Amazing Link Ups: The World through the Toddler’s eyes II

Mom and I love to read about animals, their shelters and their young ones. But isn’t it boring to say what everyone else also says. So I have my developed my very own version of animals, their shelter and their... (Continue reading)

Picture perfect……for a moment

I have been enjoying lying down and nursing the baby even during the day. This has started after my computer has collapsed again, and I can no longer use the ‘My Brest Friend’ nursing pillow which hitherto held baby like... (Continue reading)

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Daddy’s girl

Every evening I make tea and we seat around the table. While I & hubby are enjoying tea Aarohi my daughter enjoys her sippy with glucose biscuit. On last Sunday hubby went for groceries while Aarohi and I were enjoying... (Continue reading)

Vikram aur Betaal


 Before the days of the cable and internet came, entertainment was more or less limited to T.V.  In my childhood days, one of the serials I loved watching, (it used to be aired on Sunday evenings) was Vikram aur Betaal.... (Continue reading)

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Heralding the arrival of the Early Pearly

The little one has been cranky for a week. Not his usual sunny self, but crying, wanting to be held more, disdainfully rejecting my attempts at humor and cheered only by the antics of his brother. So I should have... (Continue reading)

The story of when I was a kid and went out somewhere

Last year I thought I need to tell the babe more about my childhood. Because the context was so vastly different from where we are today and because I was quite sure he would never get to know many of... (Continue reading)

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Celebrating Motherhood

A Very Happy Mother’s day to all of you. I know this post come late, but something that my son has taught me is every day is special, being a mother and having a mother. It is the joy of... (Continue reading)

Cherries for Dhoni

This incident happened some time back, actually last summer, but somehow never posted this on Bloggermoms.  Born and brought up in a cricket frenzy nation, it is not surprising that we as a family are cricket enthusiasts. Off late my... (Continue reading)

First Public Performance

Last Sunday was my son’s first ‘public performance’. The play club that he goes to had organized for a Spring Carnival and Annual sports meet along with a march past. Needless to say hubby and I were over enthusiastic about... (Continue reading)

Roll, baby Roll, Rock and Roll

A few days back the little one executed his first roll over turning himself from tummy to back. Drum rolls, please! So last time around, I missed most of the milestones of my baby’s babyhood. Those ‘firsts’ which compare in... (Continue reading)

The world through the toddler’s eyes.


I heard Mom tell my older cousins, “Always be truthful and honest.” During Diwali, Dadai (my mom’s dad)took me to Kali Pujo and for some reason I have an image of Kali Ma now. The other day at doctor uncle’s... (Continue reading)

Three funny stories of our Techie Gen Z kids

So ever since I thought I would write on this topic, I have been asking people I meet about stories about their kids – the techie Gen Zs who are growing up breathing technology. And today I thought I will... (Continue reading)

Feeding Tips For The TODDLERS

Hi there, back again.. Some queries about the toddler diets?? I am here to solve something of it.. Toddlers, are no longer babies, but not quiet big kids, their needs in all aspects are changing. They are becoming  increasingly independent... (Continue reading)

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