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Back to class

Since the little one was born, I have been avoiding taking the babe to the various ‘mommy and me’ classes’. It was still difficult to adjust the feeding schedule, and however I may dream of being one, I am not... (Continue reading)

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Life in Pandemonium….and then wash hands

So it began easily enough. I was able to distract the babe enough so that I could get the little one latched on and starting to nurse. I even got the babe to get a toy from his playroom downstairs... (Continue reading)

The Whywallah and an Illogical World

The babe is an extremely logical kid. By one and a half, he learnt to say ‘why’ and since then, my knowledge of the world has been on an upward spiral while my exasperation at the illogical nature of it... (Continue reading)

The brave hearted will take the babe

Ok, so according to wikipedia, the translation of Dilwale Dulhania le jayenge is ‘The brave hearted will take the bride’.  And to those who dont know, Dilwale… or DDLJ for short was one of the biggest hits of my college... (Continue reading)

Is your child a fussy eater?

One of our professors of pediatrics used to tell us that you can only be a good pediatrician once you have your own children. Since that was biologically impossible by the time our examinations approached, we decided to concentrate on... (Continue reading)

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The non working mom life – part 2

So last time I wrote about how household drudgery is getting me down. And then today morning something small yet wonderful happened which I thought I must add. I think my ‘nesting’ instinct has set in early this time, and... (Continue reading)

Raising an American

Today the babe and I went out with his close friends to a museum where we did an art project on Fourth of July. Basically it was making a US flag collage – using the red, white, blue colors but... (Continue reading)

Last Day Dispatch from Summer Camp

So today was the last day of summer camp. It ended with an art show with the kids displaying their artwork and with some refreshments to boot. It was amazing to see what the kids had done – but more... (Continue reading)

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Hat Day

In the series of Spirit Week at school Wednesday was Hat Day. Wear any hat you like to school and tell us why you made that choice. Our girl wore her Easter hat with a lovely dress. When asked to... (Continue reading)

The Indian kid in the ring

The babe and I go to some Mommy and me classes. We usually have a blast. I dont know who loves it more, the babe or me. Today the babe walked away from me into the ring. A group of... (Continue reading)

Good Books for 2-4 year olds beyond the usual stuff

Here are some of the books we have been reading and we love them. We got them from the library and some of them seem popular based on Amazon reviews, but some seem relatively rare. I would love advice on... (Continue reading)

Teaching your toddler in the lonely ‘burbs

So I have been on this mission lately to start doing educational yet fun things with my son at home. I admit I would never have thought of doing this in India. Life is too full of action there, and... (Continue reading)

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