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Wishing Daisy Gorgeous

  Hello my dear fellow Daisies, Hope you had a a wonderful day or at least wished for one. No tax to be paid there…right? Even if there is….I dont wanna know Uncle Sam. Did I ever tell you the... (Continue reading)

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Calling Ms. Daisy


Hello ladies/girls/women, Long time no see!!!…. Oh well..that might be ’cause we have never met or heard of each other. BUT Im hoping that will change and you will tune in frequently to read what I have to say …heheh,... (Continue reading)

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Preschool Summer Reading – A house is a house for me


Preschool reading suggestions for the summer? All summer, we will be listing out books we are loving. Do suggest some that you are liking. We would love to hear from your summer reading experience with your preschooler. A House Is... (Continue reading)

Preschool Summer Reading – Abuela


Abuela  by Arthur Dorros is a delightful boook about a girl and her grandma and how they go on a flying adventure around the city. The book has beautiful multicultural paintings. The illustrations are richly detailed and you can spend... (Continue reading)

Kids Summer Reading Ideas


As happens each summer, the babe and I are on a reading spree. I love going to the library and choosing books, but finding ones we love are sometimes difficult. So I thought I will share a few times a... (Continue reading)

Summer Trips with Kids


 If you are thinking of going for a long drive with kids this summer, check out our post which has great tips on driving long distances with kids in tow. What have your experiences been so far? Do share your... (Continue reading)

Summer Event – Long Car Trips with Kids

Planning to drive long distances with kids this summer? I just got back from a long road trip to Disney with my three year old and my six month old. So I thought might be useful to write about traveling... (Continue reading)

Fourth of July Activities with Kids – Some ideas that are simple and free


Fourth of July with kids? Here are some ideas to try with kids to celebrate July 4.  Fourth of July Activities with Kids  1. Talk about it: Always on our list, this first point is really about talking with your... (Continue reading)

Preschool Fathers Day 2010


Fathers day 2010 is June 20th . Preschoolers are just the right age to begin understanding fathers day and participating in celebrating it with dads. Here are some ideas to get you thinking: Hand Print Art for Office: Use the... (Continue reading)

Top Habits of Germophobes


Habits of Germophobes – why on earth am I writing about that? Well, sometimes posts have strange inspirations. This weekend I came back from the Indian store with a packet of desi yogurt and before putting it in the fridge,... (Continue reading)

Happy Mothers Day!


A very happy mothers day to moms and grandmoms everywhere. Hope you have a wonderful time celebrating this special day with your kids and moms. If you mom lives far away, dont forget to call, and check out this article... (Continue reading)

On Mother’s Day: A house for my parents


How often does one imagine that one might design the future of one’s parents? Right from when we’re little kids, we rely on our parents to design our lives. Then at some point, if we’re truly growing up, that changes,... (Continue reading)

Top 10 Mothers Day Gift Ideas


Mothers Day Gift Ideas? Mothers Day 2010 is coming up on May 9th. Are you looking for things to do on Mother’s Day? Here is a list of gift ideas for mothers day to get you thinking about what you can... (Continue reading)

For Moms:Things to do on Mother’s Day 2010 for yourselves


What to do for Mothers Day? The date for Mother’s day 2010 is May 9. While dads and kids rack their brains for ideas on what to do on Mother’s Day to surprise and honor mom, we have seen that... (Continue reading)

Top traits of Indian parents?


1. Indian parents are conservative and traditional. They raise children as if stuck in time limbo. For more, see http://www.bloggermoms.com/from-sarongs-to-saris/ 2. They are extremely protective and treat dating as a life threatening sport. To Indian parents you are not an... (Continue reading)

The Girls Who Went Away


I belong to a book club and we recently  The Girls Who Went Away by Ann Fessler. The book is heartbreaking, well researched and eye opening. In other words, its a must read.Ann Fessler, before I go further and lose you all, talks... (Continue reading)

Horticultural Therapy


Experts have found that working with soil, flowers, and plants out in the fresh air can give people a sense of renewed purpose and direction, and propel them on their road to a longer satisfying life. Living in Long Island(where... (Continue reading)

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What’s your hotpocket?


So, just over two weeks ago, I returned from India. It was a trip after two years – a rather long hiatus for me. But more momentous than that, was the fact that it was JW’s first ever trip to India. Three-and-a-half years ago... (Continue reading)

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Then and Now


They moved back to the same city, Singapore, from where the couple had started their married life. Same malls, with few more opened in the recent past and same weather. The only difference is from being a couple five years back, now... (Continue reading)

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