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Multicultural Childrens Books – What we read last week


The babe has been reading some wonderful books. Here are two that I really enjoyed. The first ‘My Granny Went to Market‘ by Stella Blackstone talks of the travels of an adventurous granny who travels around a world collecting souvenirs... (Continue reading)

The Facebook Fever


Let’s talk about addictions. What used to be limited to sex, alcohol, tobacco and drugs now also encompasses the social networking site. I have friends on FB who feel compelled to share every single thing they do or think about... (Continue reading)

Japanese Dolls Festival – Hinamatsuri


Hinamatsuri, or Girls Day (also known as the Japanese Dolls festival) is celebrated on March 3. As I child I remember reading about the Japanese Dolls Festival – of Hinamatsuri. Wikipedia has a great article on the topic, which you... (Continue reading)

My journey of writing … to publishing – Emotions


Last week I began posting on my journey of writing and publishing, focusing on inspirations. This week I am sharing the emotional aspect of my journey. I had written (essays and poetry) since I was little, but I clearly recall the first... (Continue reading)

Multicultural Childrens Book – The Legend of the Blue Bonnet


The babe has been on this roll of bringing back multicultural childrens books from school. This week he got  The Legend of the Bluebonnet. Its a beautiful story of a sacrifice by a young child that ends up saving her... (Continue reading)

Yeh – Shen : A Chinese Cinderella Story


Did you know that Cinderella was from China? The babe’s school does a great job of sending him story books from all around the world, and this week, i got the book Yeh-Shen: A Cinderella Story from China. When I... (Continue reading)

A different kind of Valentines Card – Monsters!


Here are some follow-up pictures to my post on a different kind of valentines day kids card to make at home. My son wanted to make monsters which some commenters liked and here they are. You can find instructions on how to... (Continue reading)

A Different Kind of Valentines Day Card


Valentine cards for a pre-schooler can be a challenge because they can’t read yet and it’s hard for most to address their cards.  Although candy is popular we all know what sugar can do not only to their teeth but... (Continue reading)

Good books for kids in preschool and kindergarden


I am part of a book club now which I love. One of the best things about it is that it forces me to read, and also I get to read books I would never have bought myself. I find... (Continue reading)

Secrets about this economy: how success resides right within you


As 2010 is off to a rolling start and we are done stating our new year resolutions, I have a hunch that many of these are directly, or indirectly, reflections on the state of the “economy” and the ongoing “recession.”... (Continue reading)

Quick Tip for Organizing clean and dirty clothes when traveling with kids


When traveling to Disney with kids or anywhere really, take with you a foldable canvas hamper. Choose an area in the hotel room to set it up. Then teach the kids and your husband what to do with their dirty... (Continue reading)

24 hours between Country Rock and Indian Classical … or the truth about unity

Intellectual discussions on diversity, multiculturalism, and blurring of identities are one thing, but to live these things actively is quite another. Such an undertaking is challenging, pushing one to unfamiliar territories and uncomfortable places, and if the lines are also blurred by time, it is tremendously... (Continue reading)

Simple Living, High Thinking


This holiday season I can’t help but chuckle again at a conversation a good friend of mine (let’s call her Devi) and I had earlier this year, comparing notes on our respective upbringings with specific regard to things, stuff, gifts …... (Continue reading)

Arjuna and the Fish Eye: the fallacy of being over-informed, hyper-busy and multi-tasking


Does any of you recall the story from the Mahabharata, about the renowned archery master Dronacharya training the Pandava brothers in the art and skill of archery? Once, when the five Pandava brothers and Karna were assembled for an archery instruction session with Guru... (Continue reading)

Silent killer!


Often regarded as the “silent killer” it is important to address lymphoma symptoms in adults. Lymphoma is one of the most common causes of death from cancer in the United States. More than 48,000 new cases of symptoms of lymphoma... (Continue reading)



Our green, hilly city is decked up. Red, orange, yellow, brown. And the green of summers past, lingering on like intimate guests after a party. This is by far the best week this fall. Atlanta is in the South of... (Continue reading)

Welcome, Didu


Its been a long time since I last wrote about my baby. I think I even missed writing about his first birthday. The thing is, my day is so full of his little antics and mega cuteness that when I... (Continue reading)

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Please write something funny, Tanadidi!

“Tanadidi, Please write something funny. I am aching to hear a funny story from you – the kind you would tell if we happen to meet!” My cousin (and childhood friend) reads my posts here on Bloggermoms, and yesterday, I received... (Continue reading)

Are you pregnant?

No, I am not writing this in sequel to ‘Think you are pregnant?’ I am talking about the questions that I am being asked by well meaning neighbours, aunties and my son’s friends’ mothers. Let me give you a back... (Continue reading)

In search of Jalebis and Gathias…

I had just arrived the previous night and had stayed up till wee hours catching up with family. But as was expected, I was up bright and early due to jet-lag while everyone else was deep in slumber. It was... (Continue reading)

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