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Dispatches from India – the adventures of traveling to India for the first time with a toddler


Hey, I am back and I am in India. The babe and I reached safely. And happily. I had been nervous about traveling alone a two year old for a journey spanning 26hrs, but hey, I think we did well.... (Continue reading)

itsy bitsy spider versions-my kids like

My girl is 2 years old  and this is the version of itsy bisy spider that she likes. Check this one out. My son who is 7 years old and this is version that he likes the best. Check this... (Continue reading)

Things mommies learn – Mystery stink detective work

My pristine car is no longer clean – ever since the kids, but now it had the most horrible of smells. I drove in it all morning as I was in a rush and did not have time to search.... (Continue reading)

The Indian kid in the ring

The babe and I go to some Mommy and me classes. We usually have a blast. I dont know who loves it more, the babe or me. Today the babe walked away from me into the ring. A group of... (Continue reading)

Take-out or eat out Wednesdays

So a friend of mine hooked me on to this idea which has been working great so far. It goes like this – fix a day in the week for eating out or take out and stick to the day.... (Continue reading)

Gone with the wind

This doesnt flow with anything I write about, but on a cleaning mission today, I found my old copy of ‘Gone with the wind’. How I loved that book when I first read it. I was quite young, maybe 12... (Continue reading)

$4.29 Double Shot Gingerbread Latte Therapy


Did I tell you I love making resolutions? There is something about being able to forget the past year, or at least, feel that its done. Gone. A transition has occured. I am in a new place, where I can... (Continue reading)

Hindi Movie Reviews…without scene spoilers

Hiya! I have been spending some time at home this week… so I got to watch some hindi movies. Here are three that I highly recommend : 1. Namesake – Drama : Directed by Mira Nair…its a great take on cultural... (Continue reading)

Acrylic or gel nails?

I have the bad habit of nail biting and I have very short nails. Here at my work everybody has pretty nails..I have never been to a nail salon..In India, where I am from we dont have them..So last week,... (Continue reading)

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Good Books for 2-4 year olds beyond the usual stuff

Here are some of the books we have been reading and we love them. We got them from the library and some of them seem popular based on Amazon reviews, but some seem relatively rare. I would love advice on... (Continue reading)

Some hilarious Santa and kids pics on CNN

http://www.cnn.com/2007/US/12/24/santas.irpt/index.html... (Continue reading)

New year resolutions, whats yours?

Well, I have not finalized my list yet, but here is what mine looks like : 1. Lose 25 lbs ( I do this every year, the resolution, I mean) 2. Visit three foreign countries or exotic locations ( I... (Continue reading)

Teaching your toddler in the lonely ‘burbs

So I have been on this mission lately to start doing educational yet fun things with my son at home. I admit I would never have thought of doing this in India. Life is too full of action there, and... (Continue reading)

The babe and time out

OK, so to me time out is an American invention. I have read wonderful things about it in books. We did not have time outs in our house in Calcutta growing up. But I do remember being made to stand... (Continue reading)

Planning an India trip with a two year old

Ok, so the babe and I will be going to India. He is two now, so we pay full fare! This will be our first time going together. Here is my list of what I am taking (since the babe... (Continue reading)

The babe and Santa

Last weekend, we thought we would check out the post Thanksgiving holiday rush. The fact that we wanted to do that still reminds me that I am a visitor here, looking at life events as a tourist of sorts. The... (Continue reading)

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