Life as a mom

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Mama’s Day out!


It was the perfect day to be with my loved son. I took a day off and decided to give him 100% attention. Since he is the second one I always tend to have guilt feeling that he never gets... (Continue reading)

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Office Diwali Party and Celebrating Diwali at work


Celebrating Diwali at work? Diwali 2011 is around the corner! In this economy, who does not need some prosperity in the office. Diwali is the celebration of a new start, of prosperity, honoring friends and family. So whether you are... (Continue reading)

Childhood memories


Has it ever happened that a small white flower can bring back memories of childhood? Well it surely happened with me today and that led me fondly to my childhood memories. I took my son for cycling on the track... (Continue reading)

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The Mom Dilemma – To work or not to work?


Growing up I knew that I would go to college.  It wasn’t an option not too.  It had been a part of my plan for as long as I can remember.  Neither one of my parents had the opportunity to... (Continue reading)

How does one react to the death of someone like Bin Laden?

The whole world is abuzz today with the news of the killing of the number one most wanted man, Osama Bin Laden. Even as President Obama made the official announcement, thousands of people across the nation were out on the... (Continue reading)

Mom in Question – Mona


Name:  Nurani Mohana Profession: Apart from being a proud homemaker, working for a non-profit organization and managing their activities Kids: 2 sons,  11yrs and 7yrs Born and brought up:  Kolkata, India What seemed most interesting about life in US when... (Continue reading)

Mom in Question – Tacy


Tell us a little bit about raising kids in England – how is it different from the US? What surprised you?  I have actually found that it is very similar.  With the moms I’ve gotten to know in the UK,... (Continue reading)

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Grading Parents


I read recently that a Florida school system is experimenting with grading parents. Apparently, parental involvement has been found, not suprisingly to be a critical component of a childs success. Of course, that meant I immediately graded myself and my... (Continue reading)

What’s your social media personality?


The future is digital and even though you don’t want to leave behind a huge digital imprint – the total lack of it could also say a lot about you.  After all aren’t we all responsible adults and know our... (Continue reading)

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Isnt it all about perception?

This statement has its lighter side and its darker side, but it’s a functional statement, not a philosophical one. Perception is reality is usually just a clumsy but short way of saying that people do not react to reality, they... (Continue reading)

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Gentle soft touch


Amy Chua, a Harvard Graduate and Yale Law Professor seem to have created quite a stir among parents. Her book, ‘Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother’ seems to be getting rave reviews from few Chinese families who can identify themselves... (Continue reading)

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Driving dreams

Admitting to this is one of my biggest embarrassments. It’s been so long that I cant even remember how long I’ve been here in the US – and yet I don’t know how to drive. Honestly I’ve run out of... (Continue reading)

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Red Light Beckoning


Blackberry…..whats not to love? That perk of work that languishes in your pocket or purse as a constant reminder – you are a working woman, you belong to an organization, there may be an email from your boss creeping into... (Continue reading)

The bug that goes around


Back when I did not have kids, I would look disdainfully at coworkers who claimed that their kids made them sick. Really? I would think. Kids get so sick? Somehow in India I dont remember general awareness or recognition of... (Continue reading)

Working Mom Ideas – Tips for organizing mornings


Last week was a tough one for me. My husband was out of town and I had the kids and the house and my job all to myself. To complicate matters both the school and my office is far from... (Continue reading)

Old Year Resolutions


Last year I started making ‘old year resolutions’ in December. With a month to go, and many a resolution and good intention gone awry, I saw this as my way to claim victory over proscrastination and that sinking feeling that I... (Continue reading)

Never too old

My son came to me the other day utterly disappointed with some friends in the playground ‘Mom, could you please tell them not to be so rude to me and include me in their play as well?’ ‘Honey playground battles... (Continue reading)

The Emergency Bag


For times when the kids are very cranky, say just after school or day care or a day at the mall, fish out the emergency bag! Just take any special looking bag (maybe those conference bags that you never use)... (Continue reading)

Baby Carrots


I think it was Beverly Hills 90210 where I heard the term ‘cutie pie’ used first. I did not particularly like the pie tail to that phrase. A pie did not look very fascinating, and certainly was not something I craved at... (Continue reading)

The myth of unconditional love


Human relationships like a contract – we give our love to a person and at the same time we subconsciously place all kinds of expectations on that person which we want them to fulfill. And then when the other person... (Continue reading)

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