Life as a mom

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How does having children affect a marriage?

Does having children bring out differences in a marriage or make the marriage stronger? Parenting today is a whole new ballgame compared to the yester year. Ones a child is born, couples spend more time with their children than by... (Continue reading)

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The less guitly sex


Social expectations of what a mom is supposed to be hasn’t evolved since women have entered the workforce. We used to be expected to excel as moms. Now we are expected to excel both as mothers and career women. Men... (Continue reading)

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Cats at work


So my office is pretty casual. Shorts, T-shirts, even a flip flop or two. Track pants. I love that. So even though I am in office, I can still wear casual clothes and have not yet had to really update... (Continue reading)

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Symptoms of hyperthyroidism in men

The symptoms of hyperthyroidism in men, also known as an overactive thyroid gland, should not ignored or untreated. Hyperthyroidism occurs when a thyroid produces too much of the hormone thyroxine. Basically, it works too hard. There are other factors that... (Continue reading)

Ruffle of Motherhood!


These days having sound sleep at night seems like a mirage to me- something illusory and unattainable. Considering I have a 4 month old, I never imagined that I would get more then 2 at the maximum of 3 hours... (Continue reading)

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Mom in Question – Sanjukta


Name:  Sanjukta Banerjee  Profession: Lecturer/ Department Coordinator & Graduate Studies Coordinator at a leading University. Kid: 1 Born and brought up:  Calcutta , India. What did you find most interesting about the US when you came here?  Freeways and how fast... (Continue reading)

The Mommy Connection

About five years ago, I became a mom. I know people say that you become a mom once you are pregnant, and I did everything I could to take care of my baby when he was inside me, but I... (Continue reading)

Mom in Question – Urmi


Name: Urmi Nair Profession: Service, Working with an Asset Management Company of a leading bank for the last six years, work includes managing the Customer Service and Operations, proposition of Eastern India. Kid: 1 Daughter, Juhi, 5 years 5 months... (Continue reading)

In sickness and in health

I have been away from the site forever it seems, except maybe to surface and comment briefly. The reason was that over the last two weeks or more, I have been very sick. It began as shivering and fever, which led... (Continue reading)

Self Publishing How To’s – Tips on Self Publishing Success


Self Publishing How To’s talk of a dream – want your book on Amazon or Barnes or Noble? Did you know you could pay some money you can sell your book on any online store worth its salt?Want to brand... (Continue reading)

I want Arnav!


“I want Arnav” – Three simple words uttered by my 4 yr old son Aadit on our drive back home from his preschool. Three words that made me tear up and smile at the same time! He misses his little brother;... (Continue reading)

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Night-time Drama


I was laughing at myself in the middle of the night. Here I was cramped between my daughter and our baby and I remembered a while ago I thought we are just blessed with a miracle of children who just... (Continue reading)

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Top traits of Indian parents?


1. Indian parents are conservative and traditional. They raise children as if stuck in time limbo. For more, see 2. They are extremely protective and treat dating as a life threatening sport. To Indian parents you are not an... (Continue reading)

Office Politics


What would office be without office politics and email ambushes? Clean, fun, productive? The kind of environment we all like to show up raring to go on Monday morning. Or is that a moot question, for politics is as much... (Continue reading)

Mom in Question – Meenakshi


Name: Meenakshi Profession: Technical Reporting Specialist at a University Kid: Rishi & #2(on the way) Born and Brought up: Vizag, India Now living in: Memphis, TN What did you find most interesting about the US when you moved here? Driving... (Continue reading)

To be together ………


The queue for the cab at the Mall was long like a serpent. It consisted mostly of women with big trolleys filled with grocery for the approaching weekend, so typical on a Friday morning. They were others who were on... (Continue reading)

My internet fetish

As a consumer, I much prefer a virtual shopping cart to a real one. Out in the World Wide Marketplace, anything I could possibly want is on sale somewhere. I have bought a range of things – from children’s bedding,... (Continue reading)

Mom in Question – Sushmita


Name:  Sushmita Samanta Profession: Accountant/Auditor Kids: Son – Rishi – 2 years Born and brought up: Munger/Calcutta, India What did you find most interesting about the US when you came here? Not sure!!! What struck you most when you started working... (Continue reading)

Five tips for a networking event


H4 visa jobs – H4 visa volunteering – first job in the US. Chances are for each of these, you will need to do some amount of networking.  Though I have written about networking in my posts on H4 visa... (Continue reading)

From sarongs to saris


Ever since I moved to the US, I have always amazed at how Indian, the Indian Americans were here. It always struck me as how they cling on to their roots, values and cultures. All that seemed so fake and... (Continue reading)

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