Life as a mom

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Common House Hold Hazards you won’t find in Baby Proofing Books or Baby Books


1. Toilet Lids – I never thought this could happen, but it did. One minute my son was going to the bathroom. I hear a loud slam, an even louder scream and then watch in horror as his genital area... (Continue reading)

Quick Tip for Organizing clean and dirty clothes when traveling with kids


When traveling to Disney with kids or anywhere really, take with you a foldable canvas hamper. Choose an area in the hotel room to set it up. Then teach the kids and your husband what to do with their dirty... (Continue reading)

Being Brothers


When they became brothers, my sons were brothers in name and blood. To the babe, the little baby who waved, kicked, cried, ate, slept, needed several diaper changes and a huge dose of parental offection was a new, fascinating and... (Continue reading)

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Nanny Apprehensions


I was at the bank today, waiting in line. The bank has a short ledge about 5 inches below the tellers table for the card swiping machine and for customers to keep their bags or papers on, or fill out... (Continue reading)

Top 10 New Year Resolutions for 2010 for Moms


Happy New Year to all our readers, writers, commenters and friends! May the year bring many joys, opportunities and happiness. Being a mom is probably the one of the most difficult, fun, rewarding, challenging, fulfilling, draining, enchanting and tiring jobs... (Continue reading)

Simple Living, High Thinking


This holiday season I can’t help but chuckle again at a conversation a good friend of mine (let’s call her Devi) and I had earlier this year, comparing notes on our respective upbringings with specific regard to things, stuff, gifts …... (Continue reading)

Old year resolutions


2009 was not a slow year. It was not even a bad year. But somehow I am glad that its over. Maybe it was the economy. Maybe it was because I dont like the piles of disorganized stuff in my... (Continue reading)

Arjuna and the Fish Eye: the fallacy of being over-informed, hyper-busy and multi-tasking


Does any of you recall the story from the Mahabharata, about the renowned archery master Dronacharya training the Pandava brothers in the art and skill of archery? Once, when the five Pandava brothers and Karna were assembled for an archery instruction session with Guru... (Continue reading)

Tourist or Traveler?


After a significant hiatus from writing, perhaps the best excuse I can offer is that … “I was traveling.” Some literally, some metaphorically, for what is life but a journey? On that note, I have observed that most people, whether on... (Continue reading)

Cinderella at five pm – the end of day transformation for a working mom


Long before I visited Cinderella’s castle in Disneyland at the ripe age of 26, Cinderella was my favorite fairy tale. Not because she gets the prince in the end or because of the beautifully illustrated ballgown and pumpkin carriage my... (Continue reading)

Tap. Tap. Click. Click.


It used to be that I could come to the computer and I had all these things to share. But for the last so many days I have been having a dry streak. I have nothing to say. I cant... (Continue reading)

The cost of being right

Nearly three years ago, when I still worked at a large global design firm, a new employee was assigned to the desk next to me in the open-office system. She was an interior designer with “several years of experience,” had come from another... (Continue reading)

Being a mother is the neccessity for Invention?

Have you ever thought how being a mom has made you a creative improviser? It certainly has made me one. Last week I had an important meeting. On the way there, I had to drop off my son at school.... (Continue reading)

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Are you pregnant?

No, I am not writing this in sequel to ‘Think you are pregnant?’ I am talking about the questions that I am being asked by well meaning neighbours, aunties and my son’s friends’ mothers. Let me give you a back... (Continue reading)

Celebrating a tumultous, enchanting year

My little one is going to turn one. I sat down to write about him and his sweet little ways and me and my travels and travails, but all I want to write about is you. This last year my... (Continue reading)

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How the mind interferes with Consciousness

In a previous post – Future becomes Past without being Present – I shared how the only way to move through a time of intense suffering had been to live two hours at a time – that is, be fully and uncompromisingly present. This eventually led... (Continue reading)

Moms as Advocates

We often hear that moms are a childs best advocate. And strongest partner. But we forget. We doubt ourselves. Surrounded by experts (lactation consultants, pediatricians, super market checkout lady, friends, neighbors, teachers and family) I feel I may be wrong. Maybe we should... (Continue reading)

The Power of Now

Late last year, I wrote a post titled Future becomes Past without being Present. Well, I am currently reading Eckhart Tolle’s book The Power of Now. I had already read his more advanced work A New Earth , and I’m finding that... (Continue reading)

The Entourage

Thoroughly enjoying my stroll through our neighborhood this morning, I suddenly realized that I was not alone. This should have been obvious to me but it was a beautiful morning, the breeze was cool, the sky sky blue, and every... (Continue reading)

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Becoming a Teacher in the US when moving from India or a foreign country

This is part of our series on career transplants. Non expert, research based resources for those making a transition in terms of career to the US. Like dieticians and nutritionists, the demand for teachers in the US is likely to... (Continue reading)

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