Life as a mom

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Finding friendship in love and love in friendship


With inspiration from this month’s proposed theme in celebration of Valentine’s Day, I am reminded of some realizations about love and friendship I have accumulated through my experiences. Romantic love stands out as unique because of the special and distinct attrtibute of sexual... (Continue reading)

Cauliflower Shrimp Kasha

Hello friends, back again with another yummy recipe.Nowadays, people are health conscious, so keeping that in mind, here is a tasty but low fat recipe.   Ingredients Shrimp-1lb Cauliflower(small)-1 cut into small pieces Garlic-6-7  pieces Onion-finely chopped- 1 Tomato-1 (cut... (Continue reading)


Today I write about the emotional transition a work-from-home mom has to make when planning to go back to work full-time.   I started out the day reading a list of “bad things moms do…” on an internet message board.... (Continue reading)

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Doi Begun (Eggplants with yogurt)


Doi Begun Hello, I am Roma Saha, stay in Kolkata ,sometimes I come to visit my two sons in USA, at present I am in Sunnyvale, California, will be back to Kolkata to my own house in May . I like... (Continue reading)

Mom in Question – Monika


  Profession: IT Kids:  Tisha (7) , krish (3) Born and brought up in: India Currently base in: India Countries lived in: USA, India Cultures in my life: Indian, American     What did you find most interesting about living and... (Continue reading)

Kulfi Popsicles

Quite like ice cream, Kulfi has its own wonderful flavor. This used to be my favorite Indian dessert while growing up. Now my 3yr old boys love it too. And they have fun helping me prepare this easy dessert and call it ‘Kulfi Popsicle’. This is not the traditional kulfi recipe, which... (Continue reading)

toddlers eating habbits

hello everyone, this is my first post as i need some help in changing my 18 month todlers eating habbits.he has to be fed mashed foods as he has learned to take big bits or even eait a small portion... (Continue reading)

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The red spangled mirror case

I have a lovely dark lavender suede winter purse I love. Its big, and rectangular with two dark lavender leather handles and faux lavender fur trimmimgs.  Inside there is a zipped pouch and three roomy compartments. I bought it when... (Continue reading)

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Mousse au Chocolat – Recipe


I am back with a new recipe, this time a cold dessert, Chocolate Mousse. Its really easy to make and the home made mousse do taste good as the ones in any good Cake and Confectionery Shop!!! Believe me I had... (Continue reading)

Speech Problem and Hyperactivity in Children

Let me today share a problem which I think almost every mother worry about – speech problem, delayed speech, hyperactivity, restlessness and related problems……. I was associated with a sector, where I interacted with people all the time. I had... (Continue reading)

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Back to class

Since the little one was born, I have been avoiding taking the babe to the various ‘mommy and me’ classes’. It was still difficult to adjust the feeding schedule, and however I may dream of being one, I am not... (Continue reading)

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Weighty Issues

Ok, so bear with me please. Is this Too Much Information? Let me know… I am some 10 weeks into post partum and have decided I need to pay some attention to losing weight and then tightening up.  And since... (Continue reading)

The New Indian Woman and Divorce

Educated women have more choices Here is a controversial topic. While on one hand being an independent career woman is a source of pride and self esteem – it’s also a harbinger of ‘choices’. Whom to get married to (no longer decided... (Continue reading)

A big debate – Kids and Marriage


We all know that having kids is a wonderful experience and adds a whole new dimension to the relationship between husband and wife. But can you honestly say that had kids not arrived on the scene the relationship would have... (Continue reading)

Celebrating Multiculturalism in Preschool

Next week is family-week at the boys’ preschool. Each child has been asked to make a poster (with the parent’s help) describing his/her cultural background. So the boys and I were busy making our poster, the last couple of days.... (Continue reading)

The juggle and the jiggle – nursing with two kids

Source: Breastfeeding Book ‘Nursing is a great time to connect with the entire family. Use this time to read to your older child or play a game of candyland’ Accompanying picture: Mom sitting with nursing infant at breast, cradled in... (Continue reading)

The mother, newborn

Hello everyone. I am delighted to announce that I am now the mom of a new baby boy. And delighted with my growing family. I dont have much time to write, as I dont have any help this time and... (Continue reading)

Woman in Question – Shahana


Name: Shahana Dattagupta Profession: Presently architectural design and human-environment research, but also want to be a writer, artist and musician. The latter three are occupations right now, but not professions 🙂 Born and brought up: Born in Pittsburgh PA, but... (Continue reading)

A little bit of Shah Rukh Khan in suburbia

The babe and I go to music class. Its usually a fun affair with kids dancing and singing around to a ‘collection’ of songs, available to the parents on a CD. The kids get to use music instruments and other... (Continue reading)

The question of color

‘Look Mommy’ said the babe, swinging away on the park swing, ‘One black boy and one white boy swinging together’ His neighbor was a whitish blonde toddler, probably of Russian descent. The white boy. I was immediately conscious. I slowed... (Continue reading)

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