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3 Idiots Moview Review


With my parents in town, my husband and I went out to see 3 idiots. Since we are both engineers, I thought it would be all the more appropriate. So let me try to write what I think is my... (Continue reading)

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Five places to look for a job when on the H4 visa.


H4 visa jobs. Its a dream, a slightly deflated dream at the moment, but a dream that must live on. Mostly I write about life and career on the H4 visa and today I thought I would cover 4 sources of... (Continue reading)

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Activate thy Verbs!


Happy 2010 to all! This is my 13th year in America, and I recall fondly that when I first moved here, I arrived with a formidable fluency in the Queen’s English peppered with occasional indulgences in the flavors of Ind-lish. Although I didn’t end... (Continue reading)

About Us – Bloggermoms


For many of us, life spans multiple cultures. And that throws up many nuances, joys and challenges. Bloggermoms celebrates life at the cross section of different cultures – as a mom and as women. Join us, we would love to... (Continue reading)

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Holiday Season – How do you celebrate?


Christmas was not the holiday we celebrated at home while growing up in India.   I went to a Catholic school and we had some Christmas celebrations in school.  I looked forward to Christmas every year since we got 10 days... (Continue reading)

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Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving Recipes


Thanksgiving day is commonly known as a fall harvest festival and a time to give thanks for the harvest and to offer prayer for God’s continuous grace. It has become one of the biggest holidays, celebrated on the second Monday... (Continue reading)

A healthy halloween?


Is that an oxymoron? A HEALTHY HALLOWEEN? Well, over the years we have seen some creative things friends and neighbors have done. Do add your ideas so that we can all maybe take some steps to a healthy halloween! So... (Continue reading)

Halloween Costumes you can wear to work

Have you ever been called to a halloween party with people you work with? There are many bold people out there who dont mind letting their hair down and dressing up a bit crazily in front of office folks, but... (Continue reading)

Diwali.. Be Safe And Healthy

Diwali or Deepawali is perhaps the most beautiful of Hindu festivals in India. Diwlai signifies the victory of good over evil. It is celebrated to mark the return of Lord Rama to Ayodhya after defeating Ravana, the king of Lanka. Also... (Continue reading)

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Celebrating Diwali in Schools and Preschools

Is your school or preschool celebrating diwali? Or maybe you want to take a touch of celebration to your child’s school. Here are some ideas: Diwali Activities for preschools and schools Diya Decoration: Bring in plain and unpainted teracotta diyas... (Continue reading)

8 ways to celebrate Diwali in the Office

Hello everyone. Diwali is round the corner and we are all about taking celebrations to work. Making life at work multi cultural makes work that much more interesting. Maybe you have been too busy to celebrate Diwali at work, or... (Continue reading)

Celebrating Diwali at work

Hi everyone. Diwali is next week! Do you think Diwali celebration is becoming more mainstream here? Do you celebrate Diwali at home and in your community only or do you take your traditions to office and school? When I was working I... (Continue reading)

Celebrating Durga Pujo


  Durga Puja also referred to as “Durgotsab”, is an annual Hindu festival that celebrates worship of Hindu Goddess Durga. Durga Puja is widely celebrated in the eastern part of India, specially in West Bengal, Assam, Bihar, Jharkhand, Orissa and... (Continue reading)

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Durga Puja Wishes


Durga Puja Today, Durga Puja starts. Kolkata is decked and ready for the excitement filled five days ahead. And in the rest of the world we celebrate as well. Peace and prosperity to all! I got my sons their puja... (Continue reading)

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Site to See: Family Watchdog

Hi. We thought it would be interesting if we shared every week a ‘website of the week’ or a ‘site to see’ that we found useful, funny or just loved. This weeks I have one of the first category. Family Watchdog is a website... (Continue reading)

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Assimilation as a senior citizen

We are in the middle of processing the green card for my husband’s parents and having them immigrate to U.S. from India.  They have visited us several times and have spent 6 months at a time living with us.  I think... (Continue reading)

Career Transplants – Getting an engineering job in the US

This is the third in our series of articles on ‘Career Transplants’. If you have an engineering degree from India, you are in for luck. Most college degrees in engineering from India are well recognized and respected in the US.... (Continue reading)

Becoming a Teacher in the US when moving from India or a foreign country

This is part of our series on career transplants. Non expert, research based resources for those making a transition in terms of career to the US. Like dieticians and nutritionists, the demand for teachers in the US is likely to... (Continue reading)

Becoming a Registered Dietician and Nutritionist in the US when you have a degree from India or a foreign country

If you have studied to become a registered dietician or nutritionist in India, and want to become a registered dietician or nutritionist professional in the USA, opportunities abound, especially with the increase in awareness around physical fitness across all ages... (Continue reading)

What is abuse / domestic violence?

After 4 years of performing (music, theater) in various productions for the cause of Chaya, a Seattle-based community organization working with South Asian women and their families to provide culture-specific assistance in cases of domestic violence, I attended their annual fundraiser this May. I... (Continue reading)

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