Living in a new culture

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Good Books for 2-4 year olds beyond the usual stuff

Here are some of the books we have been reading and we love them. We got them from the library and some of them seem popular based on Amazon reviews, but some seem relatively rare. I would love advice on... (Continue reading)

Much ado about Hiccups

My friend from Mexico told me that there they have the cutest tradition for stopping hiccups in babies – you put a red thread on their foreheads! And it works. When I was a kid, my mom would try to... (Continue reading)

The first job interview here in the States

I am no job interview expert. I wont call this the best advice or professional advice, but I thought I would share what I learnt here by going through interviews myself and interviewing others. Dress American. I dont mean just wearing Western Clothes.... (Continue reading)

Five things that surprized me about jobs in America

OK, I spelt the suprized with a z on purpose 🙂 You know, I had worked in India in a pretty International Company, so I was used to working with people from round the world. Yet when I joined work... (Continue reading)

Newyear’s Eve in Atlanta

Hey–I am new to Atlanta..Has anybody been to Peach drop in Underground? Is it worth going in this chilly weather ?If so, where is a good parking area?Any other ideas…Let me know ..... (Continue reading)

Funniest questions I was asked in office about India

How do you like sleeping in beds here (apparently we all sleep on floors in India) Do kids run around naked at homes without diapers Do you know my friend Amit who is also an Indian (no, there are about... (Continue reading)

Five things to boost your career when on the H4 visa

So we have all been there. The excitement and apprehension of moving to the US with our spouse, but learning soon after that we can not ‘work’ in the US as we are on the ‘H4 Visa’. The H4 ladies span... (Continue reading)

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Could you end your meeting, I need to pump?

I worked in a small company. And when I went back to work, I was confronted with giving up breastfeeding or using the great American and maybe European invention of a breast pump. I chose the later, because I thought... (Continue reading)

Encouraging bi-lingual skills in kids

Yes – it is happening…our son is slowly becoming an English-speaking kid. Now, for a typical American mom, that would be a good thing…but not for us. Our son started going to a day-care when he was a few months... (Continue reading)

Planning an India trip with a two year old

Ok, so the babe and I will be going to India. He is two now, so we pay full fare! This will be our first time going together. Here is my list of what I am taking (since the babe... (Continue reading)

Bronchitis symptoms

Chronic Bronchitis – Symptoms, Causes & Treatments What Is Chronic Bronchitis? Simply put, chronic bronchitis is a severe inflammation in the lungs. This can lead to a variety of symptomatic signs, but the most notorious symptom of bronchitis is the... (Continue reading)

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