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Break it down


Over the last few months, I have struggled with time and life management. How to balance life and find time for the things I want to do. One of the most effective tools I found was this – break a... (Continue reading)

Earth Day – Everyday Things to Replace with Reusables


Disposables are attractive and convenient. But are they indispensible? We tried weaning ourselves off certain disposables and found it to be surprisingly easy. Its just that habits have become so ingrained that any break from them seem more difficult than... (Continue reading)

Working Mom Ideas – Tips for organizing mornings


Last week was a tough one for me. My husband was out of town and I had the kids and the house and my job all to myself. To complicate matters both the school and my office is far from... (Continue reading)

Hair Conditioning Tip


Learnt this at my hairdresser. If you put oil in your hair, just massage in after your workout (or maybe before), wrap a towel around it and sit in the sauna for 10 minutes. The steam helps the hair absorb... (Continue reading)

Easy to Clean Measuring Cups


To make measuring cups easier to clean, add hot water, keep for a few minutes, rinse and throw out. Then add the sticky stuff. It will be much easier to clean out. Any other quick clean ideas? Let me know!... (Continue reading)

The Emergency Bag


For times when the kids are very cranky, say just after school or day care or a day at the mall, fish out the emergency bag! Just take any special looking bag (maybe those conference bags that you never use)... (Continue reading)

Earrings for little girls without getting ears pierced


Want to dress up your girls in preety ear rings but afraid to get their ears pierced? Apparently bindis work great as colorful, often shiny earrings, and come with no pain. Learnt this tip from a friend – Bindisare in... (Continue reading)



Hi. I saw this recently and thought – why did’nt I think of it before! Do you have transparent glass vases sitting in the dark as you dont usually have fresh flowers to decorate the house with? Use them for... (Continue reading)

Aromatherapy and Kleenex?


I was at a cousins house this weekend and every room smelt wonderful. Inviting and lovely. Turns out, the smell was from Eucalyptus oil which they had procured on a recent trip to India. But the trick? Take a few... (Continue reading)

Summer Tip and a touch of spa


For a touch of spa in your weekend or week, peel and slice some cucumbers or lemons or oranges and put them out in a transparent pitcher with ice and water. You can do this when friends are over for... (Continue reading)

Less Toxic Cleaning Options for Tubs, Sinks and Tiles


Tired of all the toxins that come with bleach and the various strong home cleaners? Heard this from a friend – try dishwashing liquid (buy the cheapest option in bulk) for tubs, tiles, sinks for a less toxic option.... (Continue reading)

Daily tip- wash gum from hair

Ok..This has happened with my 4 yr old girl a couple of times..She loves to have gum ..but at the end it get stucks mysteriosuly in her hair..The first time I had to cut an inch of hair off…A friend... (Continue reading)

How to sell your house in this tough market


My house sold after being on the market for 16 days. In this economy it’s simply unheard of, but not impossible. You can set yourself up for success too.  Just remember you will need to go above and beyond what... (Continue reading)

A little bit of Spa


For overall stress relief, I have touches of spa in my bathroom and linen closet. Even when I cant actually go to one, I can look at these little touches and feel better. Its very simple, here is what I... (Continue reading)

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Home Remedy for Eczema


Eczema Home Remedies for babies and toddlers seemed a good idea for me, as many babies and kids get Eczema, especially in the US where they are in air conditioning from day one which dries up the skin like nothing... (Continue reading)

Checking if Muffins or Cakes are done


I did not like using a toothpick for checking if a muffin or cake is done. The fork makes too many punctures and the toothpick, well, I dont feel like using a toothpick just for this. So here are two... (Continue reading)

Must have in purse – Stain Wipes


If you dont do this already, keep a stain removing wipe like Shout in your purse. Many a times, if you are clumsy like me, and spill drops of coffee or sauce, it comes really handy and works very well... (Continue reading)

Unclogging drains the natural way


I learnt this one yesterday from a friend, and it works. Pour some baking soda into the clogged drain. Add some vinegar. Wait about 10 minutes and flush it out with water.... (Continue reading)

Remedy for rough skin – Post Holi or Sun Exposure


Skin feels rough post Holi or Sun exposure? The Sun or the colors and the soap that follows can leave your skin feeling rough. For a quick pick me up and soother, take the cream that forms on top of boiled... (Continue reading)

Preventing Cracked Nails in Kids


If you kids get cracked nails, try giving them more Jello. The gelatin apparently helps improve nail strength.... (Continue reading)

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