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The Daily Tip-off – Wipes Forever

Taking care of my first boy introduced me to baby wipes. Soon I started carrying a packet in my purse (just take some out of the bulk packet and put it in a ziploc to save space). It became a... (Continue reading)

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The Daily Tipoff – Storing Leftover Birthday Cake

My friend Naveena taught me this last year and it worked very well. Take the cake or ice cream cake, frosting included, slice it and wrap each slice in clingwrap. Or you can put each slice on a paper plate... (Continue reading)

The Daily Tipoff – Microwave Quick Clean

To quickly clean and freshen your microwave, take about 2 tbs if lemon juice in water a bowl or even a slice of lemon and run the microwave for 45 s to a min (you will know the right time by experimentation). The... (Continue reading)

The Daily Tipoff – Small Treats

As a stay at home mom juggling kids and finances, I dont get very much time to treat myself to something which takes a long time or more money. So I decided to go in for ‘small treats’ and its... (Continue reading)

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The Daily Tip Off – Re-using baby food jars

One way – Give your spice rack a cool lift by using the transparent, air tight and pretty once you take off the label jars for colorful spices. Another – Store colorful sewing supplies like buttons, needles etc. Love to... (Continue reading)

The Daily Tip off – Eye makeup touchups

Carry a couple of Qtips in your bag, and use them to gently remove any eye makeup messes that indavertently happen by you rubbing your sleepy eyes or other such mishaps. You can wet one side of the Qtip to... (Continue reading)

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Daily Tip Off: The 8 Principles of Creating Fun

As described in my case-study / restrospective “In pursuit of being (something)” the essence of everything I have been doing, can be summed up in four important elements: LOVE, TRUTH, CREATIVITY and FUN. Here is a set of inspirational and actionable principles many of which I have to... (Continue reading)

The Daily Tipoff – Come Hither, Cleopatra

For a quick face pickup, splash your face with milk and then rinse off  ( a good way to use leftover milk in sippy cup? You can decide based on the yuckiness quotient). It adds instant glow. And Cleopatra used... (Continue reading)

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Daily Tip Off: The 48-Hour Emergency Rule

I developed this rule when working in a fast-paced, aggressive work / life environment, when I first realized that most of us react in stressful situations, very few of us respond, and very, very few of us actually initiate the... (Continue reading)

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Daily tip- how to get the dark eyeliner off

Here is an cheap and inexpensive way to take the eyeliner even the waterproof ones off..My mom used to do this to me when I was a small kid. and I still do the same instead of buying the expensive eyemakeup... (Continue reading)

The Daily Tip off – To pit an avocado

To easily pit an avocado, just slice into it, cutting around the pit. Pull apart the 2 pieces. Insert your knife in to the pit ( about 5 cm of so, just the tip). Wriggle the pit a bit and... (Continue reading)

Daily Tip-off – Banana Peel as a Rose Bush Fertilizer

This is something that I learned while I was living in California – the land of Roses.  Banana Peels makes an excellent fertilizer for a rose bush.  You can bury a flattened banana peel under the soil of a rose bush. ... (Continue reading)

The Daily Tip-off: Storing Grocery Bags

One can re-use the plastic baby wipes case to store and organize the grocery bags.  This way, the grocery bags stay organzied and handy.  If you do not have empty baby wipe cases, you can recycle the empty tissue box... (Continue reading)

The Daily Tipoff – Greening up

I got this one from a friend who throws lots of parties. Wash and store empty yogurt containers, country crock margerine boxes and the like in the pantry. Then pack the extra food and leftovers from potlucks in those if... (Continue reading)

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The Daily Tip off – Getting rid of pimples

To get rid of a pimple for a party or meeting tomorrow, just add a bit of toothpaste on it and keep overnight. It usually works!... (Continue reading)

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Tip of the day

To get rid of tired,puffy eyes in the morning, put a chilled spoon on your eyes..You can put the spoon in the fridge for like 5 min..Your eyes are going to look fresh:-)... (Continue reading)

Tip of the day

Here is an easy way to cook boiled eggs. Put some salt on  water when boling, and it will be done in  minutes.:-)... (Continue reading)

Introducing…The Daily Tipoff

Hi! We thought it would be interesting to put something out every day that we have found useful in our lives – shortcuts, tools, ideas. This is not expert opinion, just us sharing something we would recommend. We would love to hear... (Continue reading)

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