Filling Summer Break with Fun and Learning


(Since the summer is fast approaching, I thought of sharing this simple and yet wonderful list of things you can do with the kids over the summer. This list was sent to us by the Counseling Department of our elementary... (Continue reading)

The age of Ben10 and Aliens


I am quite against the idea of letting my son be influenced by certain cartoon characters which depict violence of any form but I guess some things in life are inevitable. So despite my supreme efforts in keeping my son... (Continue reading)

Valentines day for very young kids


Kids too young to celebrate valentines day or aren’t in school yet?  Instead of all those chocolate hearts and candy, get them a simple board book about Valentine’s Day. I got my sons Where Is Baby’s Valentine? by Karen Katz and Clifford’s First Valentine’s... (Continue reading)

Introducing Lailah


Who says I ever do anything practical?   Meet Lailah, my new domestic (short-haired) partner. She came home on Saturday. She was rescued as a disturbed teenage mom (pregnant at 6 months, she’s only 7-1/2 months old now). I met... (Continue reading)

Home Inspection

Ahem. So I am having a thorough home inspection. The baby is crawling, which means that I spent a significant portion of my day crawling after him picking up tufts of dirt, dead bugs and all kinds of choking and... (Continue reading)

idlezoo: the little story of a little children’s entrepreneur

Ever wonder what might happen if you simply let the child in you continue to thrive and dream and create in your otherwise “realistic” adult world? Ever wonder what may be possible if your hands did their own bidding, creating ideas as you go about your grown-up, responsible... (Continue reading)

Mom lessons – Making it multicultural- Flag days!

So I write about mom lessons and have recently started writing about making it multicultural. Mostly I write activities I have tried myself but this time its an idea I have, spurred by one of the posts on this site.... (Continue reading)

Games kids play

So a friend gave my son chutes and ladders for his birthday. And it took me back to the time in my own childhood when I would play ‘snakes and ladders’ as it was then called and other games. Werent... (Continue reading)

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I wish I could remember back to the time when I took my first faltering steps. I think I was walking soon after I turned one. As a non-mom, I do not have the experience of seeing my baby make... (Continue reading)