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Travel and Driving During Pregnancy

Travel and Driving During Pregnancy ... (Continue reading)

Pregnancy Ultrasounds – Essential For Smooth Delivery

Pregnancy Ultrasounds... (Continue reading)

About Epidural Anesthesia

Epidural Anesthesia... (Continue reading)

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Fetal Development

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Understanding the Power of Stem Cells


Stem Cells ... (Continue reading)

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Pregnancy Exercise – The Benefits for You and Your Baby


 Growing a baby inside of you is a workout in and of itself that can be exhausting. And while the last thing on your mind may be adding exercise to your pregnant days, it is one of the best things... (Continue reading)

Articles on Pregnancy at a glance

If you are new to the site, here are some of the pregnancy posts to look at. Dont forget to leave your comments/ questions/ thoughts. Many of these cover pregnancy and childbirth in the US with an Indian lens. But others... (Continue reading)

Most Popular Indian Baby Names


Choosing a name with Indian origins for a baby in the US or for a baby who you see (and don’t all moms dream!) of working in an international arena poses an interesting problem.  Other than traditional considerations such as... (Continue reading)

The first visit to the OB Gyn in the US


So you think you are pregnant? Or thinking of becoming pregnant? If you are new to the country, one of the first steps would be to find an OB Gynaecologist. Once you have found one, you may be a bit... (Continue reading)

Finding your OB – Gyn in the US


Do you have an OB Gyn? Many of us dont choose an OB Gyn till we are realize that we are pregnant. And then sometimes, when you dont want to tell everyone about your pregnancy just yet, asking for an... (Continue reading)

Useful and Fun Websites for Pregnancy

Here are some of the websites we found useful when navigating our pregnancies in the US. This is part of our series on looking at pregnancy in the USA or another country from an Indian perspective. What did you look... (Continue reading)

Gestational diabetes and nutrition during pregnancy


This is in continuation on the topic of pregnancy. I came to know about Gestational diabetes from one of my friends, whose wife developed this condition while expecting her second baby. She was advised to take proper rest, do some light... (Continue reading)

Top things to ask your parents to bring from India when you are pregnant

Hi. This is a continuation of our series on navigating a pregnancy in the USA or a foreign country if you are from India. When hormones take hold of you, it may not be easy to remember what to ask... (Continue reading)

Think you are pregnant?

This is the second in our post of life being pregnant in the US if you are from India or a foreign country. This one is on Pregnancy Symptoms. Think you are pregnant? How exciting! Did you buy the home pregnancy... (Continue reading)

Navigating pregnancy in the USA if you are from India or a foreign country

Are you for India or a foreign country, and pregnant in the USA? If you are pregnant, or planning to be, congratulations on your decision to embark on one of the tumultuous journeys of life – full of love and... (Continue reading)

Five things I had wished someone had told me about Bed Rest during pregnancy – My Cribs

I pictured myself (a working mom of a pre-schooler) lounging around all day in satin pyjamas reading my favorite fiction – when the doctor had prescribed bed rest.   But the reality was far from this illusion in my head.... (Continue reading)

Morning Sickness in Pregnancy – Home Remedies

As a person who went through a terrible morning sickness, I can sympathise with all the newly pregnant women who are struck with this not-so-fun side of the pregnancy.   In the first trimester – when all you want to do... (Continue reading)

Top five things to do while you are nursing

So now that I have been nursing for three months, and the nursing stretches are getting longer instead of shorter, I keep thinking of things that can be done with one hand and with baby attached to you. Of course,... (Continue reading)

Weighty Issues

Ok, so bear with me please. Is this Too Much Information? Let me know… I am some 10 weeks into post partum and have decided I need to pay some attention to losing weight and then tightening up.  And since... (Continue reading)

Life in Pandemonium….and then wash hands

So it began easily enough. I was able to distract the babe enough so that I could get the little one latched on and starting to nurse. I even got the babe to get a toy from his playroom downstairs... (Continue reading)

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