Top five things to do while you are nursing

So now that I have been nursing for three months, and the nursing stretches are getting longer instead of shorter, I keep thinking of things that can be done with one hand and with baby attached to you. Of course,... (Continue reading)

Weighty Issues

Ok, so bear with me please. Is this Too Much Information? Let me know… I am some 10 weeks into post partum and have decided I need to pay some attention to losing weight and then tightening up.  And since... (Continue reading)

Life in Pandemonium….and then wash hands

So it began easily enough. I was able to distract the babe enough so that I could get the little one latched on and starting to nurse. I even got the babe to get a toy from his playroom downstairs... (Continue reading)

The juggle and the jiggle – nursing with two kids

Source: Breastfeeding Book ‘Nursing is a great time to connect with the entire family. Use this time to read to your older child or play a game of candyland’ Accompanying picture: Mom sitting with nursing infant at breast, cradled in... (Continue reading)

Breastfeeding has become so frustrating

My 3 and half month old baby isnt eating like he used to. i had to stop breastfeeding for 2 weeks due to medical reasons and  i used a pump for those 2 weeks and he went right back to breatfeeding... (Continue reading)

What no one ever told me about weaning

 Today I went to a doc I have trusted my life and was told I was 18 lbs overweight. I had kid of suspected it, specially since I get a lot of ‘Congrats on being pregnant again’ based on my... (Continue reading)

The first time in public…(nursing, I mean)

Before I had a baby, I was very shy to expose even generally acceptable anatomy in public. I was generally a conservative dresser. If one time I bought a shirt or blouse which displayed a remotely plunging neckline, I wore... (Continue reading)

Nursing Strike and Baby Negotiations

So around four and a half months or maybe just four,  the babe decided to go on a nursing strike. When I rushed back from work, ready to nurse him, he would greet me with the biggest smile but any... (Continue reading)

How I became an accidental lactivist

Well, actually, I breastfed my son for 18 months. And the reasons for me were not the ‘My son will be healthiest this way’ or ‘formula is a curse second to none’. I had been mostly formula fed and thought... (Continue reading)

Consultants, consultants even a lactation consultant

So back in your home country, have you ever heard of a lactation consultant? I had not. When I heard the term, it seemed to me to be an overkill. One more American way of complicating life and earning money.... (Continue reading)