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The juggle and the jiggle – nursing with two kids

Source: Breastfeeding Book ‘Nursing is a great time to connect with the entire family. Use this time to read to your older child or play a game of candyland’ Accompanying picture: Mom sitting with nursing infant at breast, cradled in... (Continue reading)

The mother, newborn

Hello everyone. I am delighted to announce that I am now the mom of a new baby boy. And delighted with my growing family. I dont have much time to write, as I dont have any help this time and... (Continue reading)

Home remedies for scratchy throat when pregnant

Pregnant and congested, with a scratchy throat! Apparently, congestion is another pesky yet common side effect of pregnancy – though not the scratchy throat. I had both a couple of days ago, so used some recommended home remedies I thought... (Continue reading)

The Epidurean and her magic button

In life, when you are tired, in pain or plain sleepy, have you ever thought of turning it all off and escaping by turning a switch or a button? Once, only once have I had that opportunity. I decided back... (Continue reading)

Becoming Big Brother

I am quite excited at the prospect of the babe becoming a big brother. Probably more that he is, as I dont think he realizes what it means yet. As a single child myself, I grew up lonely and wanting... (Continue reading)

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No papayas or pineapples when pregnant!

Did you know this Bloggermoms? I had not heard this at all in my first pregnancy, and tucked into papayas with relish, and luckily with no side effects. But in India they say that you should not eat papayas or... (Continue reading)

Babies with lots of hair?

Hey I heard two home remedies or tricks that pregnant women can do to make sure their babies have a lot of hair when they are born. Now I have no idea if they work or not. My friend says... (Continue reading)

Unexpected childbirth decisions I had to make in my multicultural world

Last time around I was an avid reader of all the pregnancy books, newsletters, websites I could find. And I was quite overawed by the spectacular array of decisions available to me as a to – be mom. In the US. In India... (Continue reading)

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Becoming Big Brother – Sibling Class

I had scheduled a sibling class for the babe this week. It was at the Northside hospital, called the ‘baby factory of Atlanta. It was a class for three to six year old kids. The babe was very reluctant to... (Continue reading)

The second time around

You know, I have been thinking on what makes my second time different, and a lot of people ask me that as well. So heres my list: I started showing much earlier. In fact, at a school reunion before I... (Continue reading)

The Big Debate – the name game

So Brangelina named their twins Knox Leon and Vivienne Marcheline. Thanks to the stars,  unique and multicultural names are becoming quite the fashion now a days. And this is on my mind because I am looking for names for my... (Continue reading)

Sweet Nothings – Part 2

I have been underground last few days as I was worried about this Gestational Diabetes tests. Good news first, I was cleared. But still, just in case someone else needs to know, am writing it up. So as I had... (Continue reading)

Size 8 dreams

What else do you do when you are pregnant and gaining weight rapidly? And when your last round of maternity dresses, some of which I had even worn to the hospital last time dont fit you any more? When you... (Continue reading)

Sweet nothings

Ok, so today I had my glucose tolerance test in my third trimester. Last time I sailed through it but this time I think I may ‘flunk’ it. The reason is that this time I have gained a lot of... (Continue reading)

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Maternity shopping-Jealous?

When I had my son 7 years back(wow!!! time does go fast) I had lot of trouble finding cute maternity dresses/shirts/pants.. There was only a small section in most of the stores or some stores had none. I used to get  couple... (Continue reading)

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Breastfeeding has become so frustrating

My 3 and half month old baby isnt eating like he used to. i had to stop breastfeeding for 2 weeks due to medical reasons and  i used a pump for those 2 weeks and he went right back to breatfeeding... (Continue reading)

Indian Baby Boy Names

With another 5 weeks to go before my due date, we have seriously started looking for Indian names for a baby boy….we want a name that is phonetically easy to pronounce here in US…that is one of the negatives I have... (Continue reading)

What no one ever told me about weaning

 Today I went to a doc I have trusted my life and was told I was 18 lbs overweight. I had kid of suspected it, specially since I get a lot of ‘Congrats on being pregnant again’ based on my... (Continue reading)

Pregnant women with PUPP?

Gotta admit, I am a victim of probability…in my first pregnancy, I was blisfully unaware of any complications and pregnancy woes… my body is getting even with me this time around. So after suffering from acute back aches for close to two... (Continue reading)

Birthing classes

Hubby and I have been going for our birthing classes..they are fun as we get to spend some time with each other every week and also learn about the overall birthing process. In the last class, we watched a couple... (Continue reading)

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