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Natural child-birth options

So my pregnancy¬†saga continues…I wrote some about it in my older blog I have recently joined these birthing classes called Hypnobirthing…the classes offer self-hypnosis as a way of pain-management during child birth. I have a really cool instructor, Maureen, who... (Continue reading)

My child-birth experience in India

Lately, I have been thinking about the differences in my first pregnancy and the current one…ofcourse, any mom with more than one kids will tell you, no two pregnancies are the same. I had heard that before and now in... (Continue reading)

The first time in public…(nursing, I mean)

Before I had a baby, I was very shy to expose even generally acceptable anatomy in public. I was generally a conservative dresser. If one time I bought a shirt or blouse which displayed a remotely plunging neckline, I wore... (Continue reading)

Nursing Strike and Baby Negotiations

So around four and a half months or maybe just four,  the babe decided to go on a nursing strike. When I rushed back from work, ready to nurse him, he would greet me with the biggest smile but any... (Continue reading)

Natural child-birth or assisted child-birth?

I am 30 weeks pregnant..this is my second pregnancy…my son was born in Bangalore, India….natural birth with no complications. Then we moved here to US and I took up pre-natal classes just like I had done back in Bangalore. The... (Continue reading)

How I became an accidental lactivist

Well, actually, I breastfed my son for 18 months. And the reasons for me were not the ‘My son will be healthiest this way’ or ‘formula is a curse second to none’. I had been mostly formula fed and thought... (Continue reading)

Consultants, consultants even a lactation consultant

So back in your home country, have you ever heard of a lactation consultant? I had not. When I heard the term, it seemed to me to be an overkill. One more American way of complicating life and earning money.... (Continue reading)

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