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Recipe of a new Sweet Dish

Thanks all for liking the Post on Tempura – Try it Out!!! Today I am here with a new sweet dish recipe. Everybody must be aware of the sweet dish Payesh / Payasam like the famous Chhenar Payesh / Rosogollar... (Continue reading)

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More kids lunch ideas with a multicultural twist – from the readers

I loved the suggestions I got on the post on ‘Kids lunch ideas with a multicultural twist’. Sometimes the ideas get lost in the comments – so I am listing them here as a kind of part 2. You can... (Continue reading)

Tempura – Try it out!!!

Hey Bloggermoms!!!   I like trying out new recipes from across the world which my baby can also have without making a fuss coz he don’t like eating vegetables unless and until they are served in some kind of fried... (Continue reading)

Indian Independence Day special kids lunch idea

I wrote a post on indian kids lunch ideas which had some good vegetarian lunch idea suggestions as well as some non vegetarian ones. But Indian Independence day is around the corner – so I wanted to add one more... (Continue reading)

Some back to school lunch ideas with a multicultural twist

Its back to school time here in the US, and many parts of the world and if you are looking for some ideas to serve some multicultural lunches for your toddler, preschooler or kid, here are some ideas. These are based... (Continue reading)

Pineapple/Mango pulisseri

Hey Bloggermoms!!!..After a short break I am back..Its been so busy here at work. I have been trying to manage work, family, cooking,extracurricular activites..the whole mile… Yesterday after a week of not making food at home ,I decided to make... (Continue reading)

Quick and Easy Samosas – No really!

Hey everyone, I found this recipe and it worked out great. I get exhausted cooking easily and this wasnt bad at all.  And it was baked, not fried. Though it does use refridgerated pie crusts, so I dont think its... (Continue reading)

Home Remedy for Upset Stomach for toddlers/kids

I wanted to add this to the list of Indian baby and toddler food recipes on the Bloggermoms site. Do you worry about what to feed your child when she has an upset stomach? This is a recipe used in... (Continue reading)

Roast Chicken Recipe – Sorry to be so late, anonymous!

So here I am finally with the recipe. You will need: 4 Chicken Breasts Balsamic Vinegar or if you dont like that, regular vinegar about 2 -3 tbs Garlic Clovers, minced – 4 or 4 teaspoons store bought minced garlic... (Continue reading)

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Easy breakfast for Kids


                                        My son’s school starts at 7:45. That means he has to be out of the house by 7:30.  As I need to go to work too, I always get the following breakfast items for my son. NO turning ON... (Continue reading)

Indian style sweet corn chicken soup

My son loves Indian food..He loves curries,biriyani,dosa,sambar almost everything. He loves to go to an Indian Chinese restuarant near our house. me too. 🙂 They have this awesome sweet corn soup which everybody in our family loves. Last weekend ,... (Continue reading)

Maka powder ???

Hi everybody The other day I was wondering about in the Indian section of a Farmer’s market and I saw a powder called Maka powder. Apparently it helps with hair loss . Does anybody have any idea what this powder... (Continue reading)

South Indian Baby/Toddler lunch or dinner

My mom is here with me now..She is gonna stay for 3 months. She stayed with me when both of my kids were babies. She used to feed them homemade baby foods and gerber foods. I asked her to give... (Continue reading)

South indian chicken Curry Recipe

This is the Chicken Curry I always make . It turns out very good. Try it out. My kids loves it as both of them likes spicy food. I get the whole chicken from Publix. Did you know that if... (Continue reading)

More Indian Baby and Toddler Food Recipes – A complete meal

Since this post got quite a few views, I am adding some more. My earlier post was on Indian and vegetarian baby and toddler food recipes. This one is in the same theme – Indian baby and toddler food, but... (Continue reading)

Grilled Salmon

You can use either Salmon steaks or fillet. buy a good salmon steak and marinade with pepper,salt ,chili powder,paprika,turmeric,and lots of lemon juice. sometimes I use lemon/pepper sauce (lowery’s) too. If you like herbs you can add them too.(rosemary/oregano/thyme) grill... (Continue reading)

Some Indian and Vegetarian Baby Food Recipes

I used to be confused as to what Indain baby food I can for my babe. Indian baby food in my opinion would introduce him to a different taste that he was getting from gerber. And for those looking for... (Continue reading)

Appetizer that will go with Drinks

Here is a quick and tasty appetizer that will be a sure HIT!!!! Mix 1 cup of chopped red onions 1 1/2 cup salted peanuts, 3 or 4 green chillies( or more if u want it spicy) 1 tsp lime juice 1... (Continue reading)

Easy Salmon Bake

I like simple recipes that can get done in a snap on weekdays. Here’s a salmon I tried which turned our pretty good. And it was so simple and low fat. You will need: Salmon (1 piece, skin on or... (Continue reading)

Oatmeal,dates and walnut cookies

I got this recipe from my grandma…It tastes awesome and easy too..My son and my baby girl joins in to make these YUMMY cookies…She messes up the whole floor but  I think its worth to see her smile when she... (Continue reading)

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