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Complex Feelings

The other day my four year old daughter hit her younger brother with the shower head. I was pretty scared but thankfully he was ok. Next day while I was driving her to the school she started a conversation as... (Continue reading)

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Summer Activities for Kids

Summer days are long. And when the kids are out of school, it may sometime seem a bit too long. Here’s a list of things I like to do with my son as a quick list in case any of... (Continue reading)

Mom in Question – Mona


Name:  Nurani Mohana Profession: Apart from being a proud homemaker, working for a non-profit organization and managing their activities Kids: 2 sons,  11yrs and 7yrs Born and brought up:  Kolkata, India What seemed most interesting about life in US when... (Continue reading)


Symptoms of lung cancer in women can differ from symptoms of lung cancer in men. One of the reasons that symptoms can lung cancer symptoms in women differ between the sexes is that most common types of lung cancer vary... (Continue reading)

Isnt it all about perception?

This statement has its lighter side and its darker side, but it’s a functional statement, not a philosophical one. Perception is reality is usually just a clumsy but short way of saying that people do not react to reality, they... (Continue reading)

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Colorful Chide for Kids lunch or snack – a Bengali recipe

Continuing the articles on ‘multicultural kids lunch or snacks’, I wanted to add a quick vegetarian bengali snack that can be prepared with flattened puffed rice, which we call ‘Chidua’ or ‘Chide’. Its a great way to get veggies in. Here... (Continue reading)

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Controlling your anger

I have discovered a wonderful way to maintain good thoughts to my children while they act like hooligans and therefore control my wrath: photography. ... (Continue reading)

Multicultural baby rituals

Hellow everyone. Cathy Garrard, who writes for American Baby, is interested in learning more about multicultural baby rituals that we celebrate right here in the US – I think its a cool article idea. She would especially like to know about... (Continue reading)

When it begins

When it begins, most people feel the first symptoms of gout in the foot; the large joint of the big toe to be specific. Gout, a form of arthritis caused by an accumulation of uric acid crystals in the joint... (Continue reading)

Lookout for the silver lining

Life is all about challenges, so it seems at times. Facing hardships, coming to terms with reality and then gathering the strength to move on with life. Today is one of those days when I’m missing my Dad a lot... (Continue reading)

On the road…

The long waited San Diego trip was getting closer. It was our first road trip with recently potty trained toddled & our infant of 6 months. I knew from the beginning that it will be bit adventurous yet fun filled... (Continue reading)

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Relaxing Dinner with Kids(?)

We decided to have a relaxing dinner in the middle of the week to surprise ourselves. Something to get out of the routine so that we can keep going through the week. We arrived at the restaurant on time without... (Continue reading)

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Dreams …………………. Unfulfilled!

The first Youth Olympic game was held in Singapore with much enthusiasm and fervour. Of the many events that I had been watching, I closely followed the gymnastics for women, be it the floor exercises, balance beam, uneven bars or... (Continue reading)

On the Mom side

I have been thinking of writing this post for a while but some time back when I read Khushi’s post ‘Forever-21-maternity-line-and-mom-vs-businesswoman’, I remembered about this unfinished post. Five years back, weekends in Singapore meant either hosting dinners or better still attending... (Continue reading)

Fighting Guilt

Guilt, guilt and guilt! I have even come to the conclusion that guilt is the part of motherhood. Ever since I got pregnant with my first daughter I have experienced this one emotion very strongly. During my first pregnancy I... (Continue reading)

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In sickness and in health

I have been away from the site forever it seems, except maybe to surface and comment briefly. The reason was that over the last two weeks or more, I have been very sick. It began as shivering and fever, which led... (Continue reading)

Please help!!!

My eight year old has had an upset stomach and vomit twice now. I have been giving him fluids but the pharmasit suggested to give him Children’s Pepto. That didnt stay in his tummy. What would you suggest for me... (Continue reading)

Happy Mother’s Day

Today is a Mother’s Day! My husband got me a customized t-shirt which says “This Mamma belongs to..” & then my children’s names. That was really sweet of him; considering his history of forgetting gift part from other important occasions... (Continue reading)

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Teacher Appreciation Week 2010 Gift Ideas

Teacher Appreciation Week Gifts? We wrote a post on things to do to make the week a little bit more special for the teachers. As a follow up to the post on teacher appreciation week 2010 ideas, here are some gift... (Continue reading)

Thank you to Bloggermoms reviewers of Ten Avatars


When Ten Avatars was released and announced here on Bloggermoms, 5 people were given an opportunity to review the book by reading a free e-copy, and the winning review was to receive a signed paperback. I am so delighted to announce that the three reviewers... (Continue reading)

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