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I love Macs..!


I was wondering how many of you guys use Macs, if at all. Since I did “The switch” i’ve been very happy, plus my mac works great with my ipods and iphone. No more viruses for me! Bye bye Microsoft. Thank... (Continue reading)

Maka powder ???

Hi everybody The other day I was wondering about in the Indian section of a Farmer’s market and I saw a powder called Maka powder. Apparently it helps with hair loss . Does anybody have any idea what this powder... (Continue reading)

Anemia in vegetarian kids

One of my kids has anemia – and hates to eat any kind of beef or meat. I try to give egg, but when I looked at the list of vegetables, iron rich veggies have so much less iron than... (Continue reading)

Mom lessons – Visiting India (or any new country or place)

Long back I had made a post about stay at home mom lessons – I felt my child was missing out on learning things in play school, so I started listing out a few ‘lessons’ I would do with the... (Continue reading)

Entertaining a three month old

Anyone ever faced this problem? I just visited a friend – a SAHM with a three month old who doesnt nap much. My heart goes out to her. I remembered that I struggled with what to do with my babies... (Continue reading)

Networking when on the H4 visa, or when just at home

 In one of my previous posts on how to boost your career when on an H4 visa, I talked about using the time to build your network. But I know very well, through my own inexperience at it when I... (Continue reading)

Dispatches from India – That old me, did I lose her in the streets of Delhi?

 I have been writing about traveling to India with a toddler for the first time, but this post is about me. Yesterday my parents, the babe and I went driving through Green Park, and Hauz Khas, and IIT. We went... (Continue reading)

South indian chicken Curry Recipe

This is the Chicken Curry I always make . It turns out very good. Try it out. My kids loves it as both of them likes spicy food. I get the whole chicken from Publix. Did you know that if... (Continue reading)

Opinions on Microwaving?

I never ate much microwaved food while growing up, but coming in here, it seemed like such a blessing. Off late I have heard that microwaving in takeout container and soft plastics releases some chemicals which can cause cancer. I... (Continue reading)

Dispatches from India – Lagging on jetlag

  Ok, so this is my second post about traveling to India with a toddler or baby for the first time. It’s been lovely to be home as you can imagine. We reached home only around 4 the first day,... (Continue reading)

Health department violations in Palace restaurant

One of my friends send me this info.After seeing these pictures, you may never want to go to Palace restaurant in Norcross again.They got a surprise inspection score of 62 points on 10/10/2007 and got 96 points on reinspection 2... (Continue reading)

The H4 Diaries – Four things to do when you are tired of ‘Law and Order’

When I got here, I loved the show. I would watch endless reruns from 1:00 pm till I dozed off, and then sometimes when I woke up. But here are things I wished I had done or I did or... (Continue reading)

Is Kasthoori Manjal good for you and babies

I am getting lot of comments asking me if Kasthoori manjal is good for us and the babies. Per my opinion, it works.I am not a doctor but it has always worked for me. Manjal is also good to reduce... (Continue reading)

My make-up woes

As I started working in Europe, I felt a little out of place. The most obvious reason was my physical appearance – there were a lot of other Asians in my very diverse workplace. But all of them seemed to... (Continue reading)

More Indian Baby and Toddler Food Recipes – A complete meal

Since this post got quite a few views, I am adding some more. My earlier post was on Indian and vegetarian baby and toddler food recipes. This one is in the same theme – Indian baby and toddler food, but... (Continue reading)

Hindi Movies -I saw last week

Hey guys, last weekend we saw Om shanti Om.Its a nice movie starring Shahrukh khan(S.R.K) and Deepika Padukone. Deepika is the daughter of Prakash Padukone, a famous badminton player while I was in school in India.I liked her.She is tall... (Continue reading)

How I apply henna

Every woman is very conscious about her hair. When I was in Kerala, India because of the good water and good climate there, it was not important for me to take special care for my hair. I am 32 years... (Continue reading)

Gone with the wind

This doesnt flow with anything I write about, but on a cleaning mission today, I found my old copy of ‘Gone with the wind’. How I loved that book when I first read it. I was quite young, maybe 12... (Continue reading)

Yoga for babies and toddlers

Do any of you do yoga with your kids? For about a year before I became pregnant, I had started yoga. There was a gym in my office, and every Wednesday I would make my way down there for an... (Continue reading)

Feline Hypothyroidism is a very complex disorder

You may have heard people commonly say things such as ‘Cats are so simple. All you need to do is leave them food, water, and a litter box”. For the most part, yes with a healthy cat that would be... (Continue reading)

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