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The interview I blew while on H4 visa

Well, I had just begun looking for work on while still on H4 visa. Looking formally, that is, beyond the ‘office and friends of my husband’ route. BTW, in my opinion, that is one of the most effective routes, but... (Continue reading)

CompUSA store closing

Thought I would tell fellow bloggermoms that CompUSA is closing all its stores across the US. There may be some good deals in the coming few weeks. Especially TVs, Digital Cameras, storage media.  Which begets the question — do I... (Continue reading)

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no facials here. just money talk.

Happy New Year babes! What is your favorite resolution for 2008? Mine is to understand money. If Harvard MBAs earning millions every month can lose billions every year then it is got to be complex and confusing, correct? For Year... (Continue reading)

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Happy New Year, Bloggermoms!

Happy new year to all you bloggermoms! I hope the year brings many joys, adventures and your wishes come true. I know I should write more, but I wanted to make one post just with the wishes for all of... (Continue reading)

Honey and lime Juice Facial Mask

One of my coworker recommended this facial mask.I tried it at home.Though the mixture is sticky, it works.. 😉 Mix 8 ounces of honey and 1 tablespoon of lime juice.Massage the face with it for 15 minute.It will leave your... (Continue reading)

Ten minute facial

Try this is you are short of time – take some full fat or reduced fat yogurt, and a pinch or two of turmeric. Put on your face and let it stay for fifteen minutes. Then wash off or tissue... (Continue reading)

Me and my boss…lady boss

“I work for a woman boss”…this sentence can evoke strong emotions. At least for me, they did, when I was working for a woman boss…let me clarify the statement, “I work for a single 30-something woman boss”…. I think there’s... (Continue reading)

New year resolutions, whats yours?

Well, I have not finalized my list yet, but here is what mine looks like : 1. Lose 25 lbs ( I do this every year, the resolution, I mean) 2. Visit three foreign countries or exotic locations ( I... (Continue reading)

The first job interview here in the States

I am no job interview expert. I wont call this the best advice or professional advice, but I thought I would share what I learnt here by going through interviews myself and interviewing others. Dress American. I dont mean just wearing Western Clothes.... (Continue reading)

Funniest questions I was asked in office about India

How do you like sleeping in beds here (apparently we all sleep on floors in India) Do kids run around naked at homes without diapers Do you know my friend Amit who is also an Indian (no, there are about... (Continue reading)

Alpha Moms and Beta Moms

No more harried by work and home, alpha moms are the new-age moms that use their work-related skills in managing their home and work both in an efficient manner…alpha moms work part-time/flex-time and sometimes quit altogether to cater to their... (Continue reading)

Could you end your meeting, I need to pump?

I worked in a small company. And when I went back to work, I was confronted with giving up breastfeeding or using the great American and maybe European invention of a breast pump. I chose the later, because I thought... (Continue reading)

Teaching your toddler in the lonely ‘burbs

So I have been on this mission lately to start doing educational yet fun things with my son at home. I admit I would never have thought of doing this in India. Life is too full of action there, and... (Continue reading)

Christmas traditions

Well, here we are….it is christmas time and the entire country seems to be getting inflicted with the festive season-bug. My problem is that this is my first christmas in 30 odd years of my life (give or take a... (Continue reading)

Home remedies for cold and cough

Here are some Asian remedies I have used for my son. As soon as your baby has a runny nose, try the following : 1. warm (not hot) steam vapors to the child for 10 mins each time – do... (Continue reading)

Encouraging bi-lingual skills in kids

Yes – it is happening…our son is slowly becoming an English-speaking kid. Now, for a typical American mom, that would be a good thing…but not for us. Our son started going to a day-care when he was a few months... (Continue reading)

Stay at home mom lessons

So one of my friends mentioned that she likes to put her child in daycare as she feels the child is missing out on so many lessons about life. Her child is three, and mine is still at home, so... (Continue reading)

Walruses and other stories

Anyone out there an expert on Walruses? The babe has developed a sudden fascination for Walruses spurred by a book he read on a Walrus rescuing a baby polar bear from a trap. So now, very often during the day, he... (Continue reading)

Traditional Indian girls dresses in ATL

Does anyone know where I can get traditional Indian girls dresses (lehenga) in Atlanta? I got a couple from India, but my niece wont wear them as the zari is scratchy.... (Continue reading)

The babe and time out

OK, so to me time out is an American invention. I have read wonderful things about it in books. We did not have time outs in our house in Calcutta growing up. But I do remember being made to stand... (Continue reading)

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