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Personal is Political: South Asian Lens on Vibrant Love

Having been a close witness to the journey of Tasveer, a local grassroots film organization, I am thrilled that this family of courageous, independent film enthusiasts is demonstrating a marked evolution (and revolution) in presenting perspective through film. They are... (Continue reading)

Unexpected childbirth decisions I had to make in my multicultural world

Last time around I was an avid reader of all the pregnancy books, newsletters, websites I could find. And I was quite overawed by the spectacular array of decisions available to me as a to – be mom. In the US. In India... (Continue reading)

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Posts you may have missed

We were looking through the site and found a wealth of cool posts you may have missed. Since we have more readers now, we thought we would highlight about five every now and then. Amrita had written long ago on the Cinderella Transformation... (Continue reading)

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News you dont need to know

Now since this is a multi cultural blog, can anyone tell me if this will happen in any other country? Note the link will take you to CNN so you gotta come back for the comments. Apparently its the most popular... (Continue reading)

Tempura – Try it out!!!

Hey Bloggermoms!!!   I like trying out new recipes from across the world which my baby can also have without making a fuss coz he don’t like eating vegetables unless and until they are served in some kind of fried... (Continue reading)

I will do it

What words would a preschooler use for most part of the day? Is there a list somewhere I can look up? My lovely, always-paranoid mom friends are now wrecking their brains thinking why didn’t I know about this, really there... (Continue reading)

Guilt or Comfort Zone?

It has been almost 3 years since I have been a home maker. Not by any compulsion, but first by circumstances and then by choice. The first year was spent on getting the work visa while we were in the... (Continue reading)

Take home folder–Should I have done it?

My second grader gets homework everyday. Its only 1 page and simple worksheet.He gets these worksheets in a take home folder which has 2 flaps. One flap has the homework/or other forms which needs to be turned in the next day.... (Continue reading)

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Five ideas to try while on the H4 visa

When I was on H4 long time back, I was often too caught up in my daily routine to realize what an opportunity being on H4 can be. But hind sight is 20 – 20. And there are somethings I did well,... (Continue reading)

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Indian Independence Day special kids lunch idea

I wrote a post on indian kids lunch ideas which had some good vegetarian lunch idea suggestions as well as some non vegetarian ones. But Indian Independence day is around the corner – so I wanted to add one more... (Continue reading)

This too will change …

I have a distinct memory of being 4 years old and sitting on a high box-bed with a bright yellow cover, watching my Dadubhai (maternal grandfather) changing his kurta and tightening his lungi, and talking incessantly to him. I was... (Continue reading)

Laptop Crunches

My laptop has gone bust! Over the last few months I have become addicted to my laptop. Well, a tablet PC to be technically correct which I loved. I guess as a Stay at Home Mom, its my way to connect... (Continue reading)

The Immigrant Diaries – Edition 6 – Driving

Hi. This is a serialized story on life here as a new immigrant, one on an H4 visa. Here is the sixth edition. Do let me know if and how you like it. I want to hear from you as... (Continue reading)

Prep for first day of school

School is going to open next week ..I know!! This  vaccation went fast..My son is going to second grade this year..I still find it hard to believe that he is going to 2nd grade. I wrote this checklist just to make... (Continue reading)

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Some back to school lunch ideas with a multicultural twist

Its back to school time here in the US, and many parts of the world and if you are looking for some ideas to serve some multicultural lunches for your toddler, preschooler or kid, here are some ideas. These are based... (Continue reading)

Worth a visit – Atlanta High Museum of Art Toddler Thursdays

A member of Bloggermoms Mom Panel suggested writing about places that we think are ‘worth a visit’. I thought that was a wonderful idea, and I will kick it off with something in Atlanta I found interesting. One of the... (Continue reading)

Friendship Day Ideas

Hey Bloggermoms, if you are logging in late for friendship day, why not make it frienship week? Here are some ideas to celebrate friends Email old friends and new, maybe with a card Leave a message on your social network... (Continue reading)

Happy Friendship Day to all!

I hope you all are having a great day – I am truly grateful today for all my friends who make living in multicultural mayhem so much fun and easier. pet food express online word count loratadine side effects how... (Continue reading)

The Immigrant Diaries – Edition 5 – Opening the house

Hi friends, it took me a long time this time given the demands of life. But I have also received some great feedback on this from the readers and what I hear is that people would like more frequent editions,... (Continue reading)

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Pineapple/Mango pulisseri

Hey Bloggermoms!!!..After a short break I am back..Its been so busy here at work. I have been trying to manage work, family, cooking,extracurricular activites..the whole mile… Yesterday after a week of not making food at home ,I decided to make... (Continue reading)

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