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Georgia CRCT scores

Hey bloggermoms..The crct scores are out. If you have a school grader, then you may have already received the scores that were sent home.  If anybody is looking to move based on the schools this year or next year, here is... (Continue reading)

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Red, Blue and White

Last in the Spirit Week series was Red, Blue and White Day. Children were to dress in clothes with those colors. The highlight of the day was “Make Your Own Sundae”. Scooping vanilla ice creme all by yourself, as much... (Continue reading)

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Entertaining a seven to nine month old baby

 I like to write about entertaining your kids, because if you are home a lot, without much family near by or even household help, as is the case for so many of us, we often draw blanks on ‘how do... (Continue reading)

My very own Dashavataram

Last week I saw Kamal Hassan’s Dashavataram. In Tamil, with subtitles. After my divorce three years ago, I suddenly came upon that vast, unexplored no-(wo)man’s land called singlehood. Other people’s summer parties, happy bright kitchens with kids running around, fresh dosas on the... (Continue reading)

Hat Day

In the series of Spirit Week at school Wednesday was Hat Day. Wear any hat you like to school and tell us why you made that choice. Our girl wore her Easter hat with a lovely dress. When asked to... (Continue reading)

Pajama Day

Tuesday was Pajama day at school. Our preschooler went in her favorite night suit that Nani Ma gave her last time she visited India. All the way to school she kept asking me, “Why am I wearing pajamas and going... (Continue reading)

Baby laughing..CUTE!!!

Hey guys..You have to see this..its cute... (Continue reading)

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Dad in Question: Winfried


Name:  Winfried Occupations: Network Admin Kids: 2 daughters: Ileana 17, Ashley 13 Born and brought up:  Maracaibo, Venezuela, Countries lived in:  Venezuela, Germany, UK and US Cultures that influence my life: Latin American , European (Germany/Spain)   What were some... (Continue reading)

The Big Debate – Going Home?

Last time I talked about teaching a second language in big debates facing me and some other moms I know who are establishing themselves in a new country. This time I thought I will write about the big question that... (Continue reading)

Darling Damsel

For past many months I have been trying to wheedle my preschooler to transition out from the crib to a normal bed. All our life together, which would be last three and a half years, all the battles of innocence... (Continue reading)

Gas Cartoons


... (Continue reading)

Pain of Mind

Define.com defines, what else would it do, regret as ” Pain of mind on account of something done or experienced in the past, with a wish that it had been different; a looking back with dissatisfaction or with longing; grief;... (Continue reading)

Love Actually

Hey bloggermoms!! “Love Actually” is an old british movie( 3 or 4 years back) but I saw it only last weekend..Its a VERY CUTE ,funny,romatic movie..All you romantic or nonromantic people should see it..My hus who hates chicflicks hated it….ofcourse!!!! No surprise about that…... (Continue reading)

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Vaccation Dilema

 Bloggermoms!!! I have about 15 vaccation days left. I have to take these days off as they wont be rolled over next year. I am not going long trip/short trip this year…Should I take all Fridays off for 3 months or Mondays... (Continue reading)

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Sex and the city – the Movie Review

So I went out with a friend to catch the SATC movie last night. I had been waiting to see it ever since it was released and after reading Lisa’s post here. Becuase it was a Thursday night and one... (Continue reading)

Too tired to blog

About anything sensible. My husband has been working all weekend and even though I am in my second trim, being on toddler duty without a break for the last week or so has got me exhausted. Do you all go... (Continue reading)

Sex and the City– Good or bad???

Has anybody seen Sex and the city movie? I am planning to see it next weekend…Heard huge lady crowds were there for the Friday premiere..Nicely dressed too… With highheels, hats and accessories,sexy dresses.. Who is your fav charcter in Sex... (Continue reading)

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Kerala Appam recipe

Today I thought I would post one of my favorite breakfast item..Kerala Palappam.It goes well with coconut potato stew. This recipe needs to have a grinder/mixer. Ingredients 1 glass rice 3/4 glass coconut (dry) not milk 1/2 glass cooked rice... (Continue reading)

Summer movies

Has anybody been to movie theaters recently?  Are there any good movies to watch? I am thinking about taking my kids to a nice movie soon.. Heard Indiana Jones is good but needs to check if its ok for kids... (Continue reading)

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Mom Lessons – Artwork!

Ah, ‘ahtwok’ for the under threes! I have been writing this series on Mom lessons – activities moms can do with kids at home especially if the kids are stay at home, which hopefully also have an educational component. But... (Continue reading)

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